Inside the Bubble Looking Out

okay. it’s california’s turn to get smeared. watch out, here i come. as you know, my fam is in utah so we go back there at least once or twice a year. there’s something comfy and cozy about happy valley despite its challenges. california is dirty and polluted. when i first moved here i wondered […]

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Outside the Bubble Looking In

i love california. tomorrow’s post is all the bad things about california and great things about utah. let’s just sing california’s praises this time around. let’s get rid of the liberals and their programs so we can take back california for ourselves. i’ve now spent two years in southern/central california. whenever i go back to […]

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Wedding Plans – The Registry

so, remember how my family are messy, clutter-addicts? well, a major problem still plaguing the household is that there is so much kitchen stuff everywhere. appliances, an assortment of non-matching cups and bowls and say, “oh SimpleGirl, that is not a big deal at all!” but it is, my friends. it is. a kitchen […]

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Wedding Plans – The Dress

if you find yourself strapped for cash and you’re getting married in happy valley (utah) like i did, look to craigslist. i kid you not. especially in ut, where modest dresses abound, there are plenty of girls who “just got married and have no money.” you can get your dress 50% off like i did. […]

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Wedding Plans – The Food

$4024.88 – that was what our wedding photographer, luncheon, makeup/hair styling, clothing (rentals and dress), announcements, flowers, thank you cards totaled. we even got a few hotel rooms for family and aunties helping out with the wedding to be close to everything the night before the big day! a big part of the small price […]

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I’m With-it

have you unsubscribed from all the unnecessary e-newsletters yet? i did mine last week; it is tedious work for sure but it’s totally worth it. (click here if you missed out.) i am no longer bothered by daily or weekly emails that are unimportant and when i do want to do some online shopping, i […]

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Take Note Part 1

simple life principle #1: find an exact (household keeping) system that works for your life. i have the coolest household binder ever. it’s organized by month. it is a  receipt book and calendar/reminder book all in one. for years and years, i experimented with expandable files with 12 compartments or plain envelopes. i’ve seen household […]

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imagine a world without text messaging. no notifications, no beeps trying to get your attention, no late-night checking for new messages. welcome to my life. that’s right. SimpleGuy and i have never had text messaging for the two years we’ve been married. in fact SimpleGuy’s dad who has worked out a family cell phone bill […]

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