Take Note

simple life principle #1: find an exact (list and notekeeping) system that works for your life.

as a kid, i was a really shy girl and kept all my secrets private in my diaries/journals/notebooks. inspired by harriet the spy, i was always looking for a place to record my thoughts (do kids these days even know harriet?) this led to an accumulation of torn-out spiral-bound paper with the thin scraggly strips (ugh), half-used notebooks, all part of my mess-addict days. As you know I have sworn never to return to those messy days.

for notes i want to preserve, i turn to 3-ring binders. i still keep the black study journal from mtc teaching days. i like how it has 12 tabs – on the mission, it was sorted by chapter, now it’s sorted chronologically, the first tab = january. i keep paper used behind the month it was written, then move blank paper to the next tab, keeping it up-to-date and take it to church conferences etc.at the end of the year, i have a list of awesome notes in the order they were taken. brilliant.

for notes i need on the go, i’ve turned to small spiral notepad from tjmaxx/marshalls that fit in my purse. this small notebook is genius. for me, some things are just better hand-written, like to-do lists. SimpleGuy tells everyone i am the queen of to do lists and it’s totally true. these notes – just like my messy mother’s – used to be on whatever you could find (actually, mother uses the back of mailer ads, very green of her, but very messy), now they’re all in one place. when you don’t need the list anymore, tear it out and recycle it.
what’s so awesome about the notebook is that it goes wherever i go and it even has an elastic to keep the notepad from getting disorderly. i don’t need to charge its battery. i don’t need to pay $$$ for it.

i’m not too concerned about whether or not I can find this exact notebook again. if i have to, i will go bind my own little books together. this just happened to fit my needs for size and durability. in the end it all depends on what you want and being able to find or make exactly what you need. i just happened to find the best fit for me. i know it works and it’s my go-to plan now. what’s yours?


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