Wedding Plans

SimpleGuy and i had the best wedding ever. when we got married, i thought that other people’s weddings would supersede ours in magnificence and grandeur, but no wedding has.

about three years ago around this time of the year, i started planning our wedding. that was also the time that i was finishing up school, had no job and the great recession hit everyone. but come on, it’s a wedding. everyone says it’s the only day you get, so make it awesome. SG and i proved that we could have a great wedding under $5000. and it was still awesome. how did we do it? it’s my big secret.

if you think about what matters most (which is what this blog is all about), you will still have an awesome wedding despite whatever recessions come your way.

  • we and families are not drinking people or party-people. we still managed to have an elegant buffet for the wedding.
  • we had no formal reception. we had a small, private wedding of 80 close friends and family.
  • my family live in ut, the cheapo wedding capital of the world. great finds abound.
  • SG and i were moving to ca, so we simplified our registry to the things we really wanted.

more about my wedding secrets to come.


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