imagine a world without text messaging. no notifications, no beeps trying to get your attention, no late-night checking for new messages. welcome to my life. that’s right. SimpleGuy and i have never had text messaging for the two years we’ve been married. in fact SimpleGuy’s dad who has worked out a family cell phone bill for us to pay a portion of has opted out of text messaging on all phones. none of us have text. i don’t know how he did it. he must have used his persuasive aka obnoxious “i am your number one customer” strategies to get t-mobile to do it.

but now, i feel most grateful the lack of messaging. perhaps i am old-fashioned, but people should get a hold of you at any time and location they want to. they can do the old-fashioned thing and leave me a voicemail!

i feel more and more like i’m a top contributor to society since i do not text. here’s why:

we all know that movie theater tickets are super expensive here in ca, and it’s a real treat to be able to go to a movie theater. i feel like part of the elite class if ever I go, honestly. but movie theaters these days are full of glowing cell phones; people can’t even focus on a two hour action movie without pulling out their cell phones…and to do what? text their buddy that the movie is funny/awesome/boring/stupid? not to mention their screens are twice as big now and really really bright for a dark theater.
i am happy to say that i’m not one of those people who gets a notification during a movie/church/the wait at the grocery line or…(people, please) at a red light. come on.

this is one technology i’m so tired of. unfortunately it’s not going away.


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