Wedding Plans – Flowers and Colors

UPDATE: I’ve seen many wedding pictures after our wedding and I still think our wedding was the BEST. But if I could have one redo, I’d change my flowers to something more classic. I still love my pink bouquet, but I really love the look of the white wedding bouquet, using white flowers like peonies, hydrangea, ranunculus and cabbage roses. If you really can’t decide what to pick, I’d suggest going for white/ivory! Absolutely stunning flowers will ensure your photos will never go out of style.


as previously mentioned, we had an auntie do our flowers. the key here, is to have a vision. yes, there are plenty of flowers and colors that fill the entire spectrum of the rainbow. but you have to make a decision. how?

ignore all the bridal magazines first. you can get great ideas from magazines, but just like fashion, they tell you things that are at times irrelevant for you and your life and you can easily get swamped with an overload of stimuli

my advice: think of theme, flower and color symbolism and personal meaning. sounds like an english teacher’s assignment. 😉
first, if you have a theme, use that as a source of inspiration. our flowers were somewhat inspired by tropics, like what you would find at a hawaii wedding. (we did honeymoon in maui.) our luncheon was a brazilian grill buffet. again, sort of exotic. if you are inspired by the tropics, you are likely not going to use english country garden flowers. all flowers are beauties. choose carefully.

second, symbolism. there are a few websites out there. Teleflora is one such resource. if you want to infuse your ethnic background/culture, then you will want to do some research on that. chinese weddings use red, i chose pink as a lighter version.

third, personal likes – which always trump everything else. SimpleGuy gave me pink roses on my birthday so they have always had personal meaning for me.

if that doesn’t solve your problem, then go the way of practicality and choose good seasonal flowers that last (so they don’t wilt during your photos). if money is tight, simple is the answer (actually, in my world, simple is always the answer.) a bouquet of good quality pink or white roses always looks awesome! just add some greens and you can stop reading here because you’re good to go.

but if flowers are important to you and you want to have a little fun (as i did) you will want to find a good combination. you may like this and that, but they look hideous together. that’s where google images comes in. you can browse some magazine too if you want. go searching for your basic flowers and stay somewhat flexible. my inspiration came from Huckleberry Karen. she did a san francisco, chinese couple wedding, in which she used pink roses, green orchids, dark pink callas, and voila!

our auntie (family friend) did the floral arrangements, and did a fantastic job. she told me at my bro’s wedding this year, that she studied the photos i gave her of the flowers. that’s what pros do. did ours turn out exactly the same as the initial inspiration? no, but pretty darn close.


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