Wedding Plans – Something Borrowed

yeah, yeah, yeah. we know about the whole tradition of something old. new. borrowed. blue. whatever people. SimpleGuy and i made our own traditions – no cake, no garter, no bouquet toss, no send off. i hear your gasps. i say, don’t do a wedding that isn’t your style and doesn’t represent you. it’s your day so why not?

so, no blue. but borrowing? yes. borrowing and delegating are two key parts to a simpler wedding.

delegate. use friends’ and family members’ sweet skills to help you, but make sure they know what they are doing and are not going to cause you more stress than a professional would. otherwise instead of making your life simpler, they are making it more complicated. make sure they have a good price and can meet deadlines too.
flowers, announcements, hair/makeup were all done by my lifelong friends. making the whole event really memorable to share with people i love.

borrow. try to borrow anything you can from wonderful good and nice relatives and friends. i borrowed a glamorous veil (perfect style to match my dress) from one of my lifelong bestest friends ever. i also borrowed not one but two slips to make my dress look fuller. those things can cost a fortune. i promise, i did my research. instead of buying one you will wear once, just borrow! borrow music for the party. borrow decorations. just make sure to guard their precious things with your life.

using your resources is the simplest way to save $$$.

what did you borrow for your wedding? what traditions did you borrow or create?


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