Wedding Plans – The Dress

if you find yourself strapped for cash and you’re getting married in happy valley (utah) like i did, look to craigslist. i kid you not. especially in ut, where modest dresses abound, there are plenty of girls who “just got married and have no money.”

you can get your dress 50% off like i did. be selective about the dress. look at the quality and cleanliness. yeah, it might be a half a fashion-season old, but who cares, if it’s the dress you want?

my dress was the incredibly wonderful maggie sottero grace kelly dress. it retailed in 2008 for $900. i got mine for $550. i resold it to another bride for $400 again using craigslist. my dress costs came out to $150 plus a dry cleaning bill.

a lot of brides of 2008-9 wore that dress but i really don’t care. it’s really unique and was made out of high quality materials. and when you wear a dress that fits well, you own it.

i guess i got lucky. i got engaged at the end of the wedding season in ut (august) so there was plenty to choose from. and i was not getting married until the following june. but i really didn’t do a lot of dress shopping despite having a long engagement (relatively long in mormon standards). i went to two small shop sellers to try on dresses. i didn’t buy anything, i just looked and found the grace kelly dress. then found it on craigslist and it happened to be in my size.

people say you need to have the dress for your wedding. i say that i did. it made me feel special and like a princess for our day. it doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars to create the happy day effect you need.


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