Outside the Bubble Looking In

i love california. tomorrow’s post is all the bad things about california and great things about utah. let’s just sing california’s praises this time around. let’s get rid of the liberals and their programs so we can take back california for ourselves. i’ve now spent two years in southern/central california. whenever i go back to “happy valley”, utah, i think it’s not my home anymore. while driving through the frozen tundra of utah, i get homesick for california even though my fam are all still in the beehive state.

i love california. let me count the ways.
california has great weather. SimpleGuy is a true californian and loves his weather and has converted me to sunshine. california weather is like a consistent true lover, always giving you warmth and love.
utah weather is kind of like a bipolar, emotional, unpredictable teenager. one day it could be raining, the next day snowing, the next day crazy hot. it’s weird, but that’s really how it is. you always need to wear layers and pack your boots and umbrella just in case.

california has great fashion. yeah, utah can now brag rights to many of the same mall stores as california, but the fashions in happy valley are just weird. you see girls trying to be modest by wearing t-shirts under spaghetti strap dresses and tops. umm…why not just wear your t-shirt since it’s already modest? so you see, ut girls try to copy so-cal girls and do not do a good job of it. they take skanky outfits and turn them into frumpy styles. it’s so weird. listen, y’all. if you want to be worldly and trendy, at least do it the right way. if you are all about covering your bodies (which i think every person should do) then buy the stuff with the right lengths in the first place or put on a sweater (or wear a camisole inside) because that’s what normal people do. downeast basics is a great modest alternative.

california has diversity! some rich areas are still white-bred, but wow, the diversity here is incredible. there’s everything under the sun from white to espresso black. i also love that because of the diversity, you can find amazing ethnic food everywhere. there’s vietnamese sandwiches, good dim sum, taco trucks. the whole state is an absolute feast. in utah, we do have some good food, tucanos and there’s more and more mexican food, which is great, but the asian food is mediocre at best.

utah can be very unhealthy. okay, yeah, there’s lot of druggies, smokers and coffee-drinkers in california. but these guys are popping up in ut too. utahns love their fat and sugar and can’t say no. in the church we have a health code that should extend and enhance our good lives, and yet we clog our arteries with all the donuts and funeral potatoes at church activities, where it’s hard to say no when everyone else is doing it! (not saying funeral potatoes are bad…they are divine,  if you can limit yourself to one serving.) we send butter-chocolate-sugary delights to all of our neighbors for every holiday (that’s like all year-round if you count valentines, easter, pioneer day, thanksgiving, christmas) plus because of the weather, no one can go outside almost half the year. very unhealthy.
californians have their wine, coffee, and drugs, but all it takes is to say no. in california it’s easy to go out and be active almost all year because the sun’s out. plus we all know eating healthy is expensive but here in cali, you can eat the freshest, cheapest produce on earth.

utahns can be some of the most judgemental people on earth. they think cola drinkers are indulging in sin and that people who go to church all need to be the same, cookie-cutter style. there are serious problems that could arise in the church because we don’t have the vision to look past appearances.
californians are super tolerant but have egos too (more on that later). they are like politicians, they love everyone including illegals, homosexuals, and liberals. they want to break barriers and question the universe with their “relative truths”. they want to spread their technology, fashion and entertainment. they don’t want to be in your business, they just want to be your friends.
sometimes it’s kind of annoying that they love everyone, but there’s a true sense of freedom when you can walk around and not feel like people are criticizing your lifestyle.


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