Inside the Bubble Looking Out

okay. it’s california’s turn to get smeared. watch out, here i come. as you know, my fam is in utah so we go back there at least once or twice a year. there’s something comfy and cozy about happy valley despite its challenges.

california is dirty and polluted. when i first moved here i wondered who could ever breathe. smokers are everywhere and the freeways are always congested. it’s disgusting. even though it’s dry in utah, i love the mountains and the clear air. it’s lovely.

californians have fashion egos. okay, so it’s great to have fun stores and outlets here, but especially down in la/oc counties, people can get kind of high and mighty. they love to look important, driving their mercedes-benz and sporting coach bags. it’s true that in some parts of the state, people are down-to-earth and not so brand-conscious. perhaps it’s because families are so big in utah that kids are lucky if they can wear gap to school. parents can’t afford to spoil their seven children each with a mercedes-benz. and i kind of like that. which brings me to my next point:

kids in california can get really spoiled because they are their parents’ world (shared sometimes with one other sibling.) usually to afford to live in california, their parents both work and have high paying big-city jobs but only have an average of one and half kid ;). this results in major spoilage which i can imagine happens in new york and other rich cities. private tutors, private schools, private swimming pools combined ritzy backpacks and designer clothes (for kids!) make for some kids who display snotty, i-am-entitled-to-everything nastiness.  just check out this hello kitty sugar pile. this is a $100 birthday cake given to one of my former students for her 7th (yes, 7th) birthday. since she’s the only child, her mom goes all out, getting more and more extravagant each year. whatever happened to good ol’ fashioned cake mix, cream and sprinkles?

kids in utah need to share because they have siblings and big elementary schools. i love that. kids everywhere need to learn to share, no matter how rich their parents are. and yeah, kids can still be cruel to each other in utah, but i think the playing field is a lot more equal in utah, for better or worse.

california has serious political issues. we won’t get into them all today, but the result of lib policy is that the state needs money so the taxes are high which result in people moving away, all while there are still tons of illegals everywhere who burden the system. it’s really sad. it’s true that california is kind of crowded, but from an lds perspective, it’s sad to see so many people move away, when there is so much missionary work to be done here. having served a mission in california myself, i know there is great potential here.
utah is much more conservative, which i adore. it’s true that the gov’t doesn’t always do the best thing for the people, but overall, it’s a nice business-friendly place. unfortunately, it looks like a lot of lib groups are trying to infiltrate their agenda into the state. hopefully they don’t ruin the place like they did in ca.

california is becoming less and less family-friendly and church-friendly. i love utah because people have families and they are the center of everything we do. i love that we have church bookstores everywhere just because i like having access to church materials (though i have yet to see a really well-made mormon-directed film.). so yes, i bashed some of the fashions donned by girls in utah but i also love the increase in modest (cute) clothing companies from utah. it’s great to know there’s alternatives to the california skank-girl fashions. love, love, love.

so there you have it. i’ve captured what i feel is the essence of both places.


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