Celebrating an eClutter Free Life

simple life principle #1: find an exact (e-deals) system that works for your life.
hey! it’s been one month since i talked about getting your “with-it-ness” when it comes to being a savvy online shopper. i now have a shopper facebook account. i have been following several great shopper pages, similar to e-newsletters. 

please get yourself some gmail filters. they rock.

the story:
i recently got a new personal email address to reflect my married name so i’ve also rethought how to use the “junk” email account. you really don’t want to log in and out of two accounts. i tried that for a couple of weeks and it was too much for me. so the genius plan is to use gmail filters.

here’s what i did:
first, you customize your account so that you forward all email from the “junk” email address to your regular personal email . forwarding is a 2-step process. You will need to enable POP for the junk account but don’t make my mistake of forwarding all mail, just the new mail starting the day you enable..otherwise you will get all 1027 emails forwarded…not pretty. Then for your personal account, you will need to add the account of your junk mail by going to “check mail using POP3.” If you do this, you’ve gotta create filters (see below), otherwise it defeats the purpose to have two addresses.

*i know it seems complicated, but it’s worth it. if this is too much work for you, then stick with the two separate accounts, which is a good way to sort e-clutter but in my opinion it’s not the best way.

create a filter. you can assign all of those e-newletters to skip the inbox and be archived instead and then filtered into a label (a kind of folder), which i’ve labeled “newsletters.” all emails will still be marked as unread mail.

manage labels: an optional step after filtering is to customize your settings so you only see that label “newsletters” when you have unread mail by selecting “show if unread”. this means the folder stay hidden until something new/unread comes in. i am not too bothered by it, but i can see how it could get distracting. otherwise, you should hide all labels and go look into the folders when you have a spare moment for learning about online deals.

and that’s how you simplify a gmail account.

i can’t even tell you how awesome gmail filters are! i have a filter for work, online banking, and online purchases so that everything is already filtered/organized into folders. it takes some work to set up the filters but once you do, the filters do everything for you. plus, i still give out my “junk” email address when people want contact information so i can keep my brand new gmail account nice and clean.

my inbox? it has a grand total of one email! this is because everything has filtered to the correct label. when i get up in the morning, i can read all of the daily deals by just clicking on the labels for “newsletters” and it does not clog up my inbox.

gmail is especially nice because if you have any questions on this forwarding/filtering process, their gmail help site is quite good. now it is actually really excitng to use gmail. please try this.


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