Take Note Part 2

simple life principle #1: find an exact (household keeping) system that works for your life.

i could go on and on about the binder, so part 2 of 3. almost there
after every month, i go back to the sheet protector of the month and take out all the receipts. we have a pretty good budget set up already, but one expense i actively monitor is groceries because it is our number one expense after rent.

i go through all receipts, add them up and keep track of monthly food expenses in an excel chart. so far, i have a couple of years worth of data that helps inform me of the average cost of food by month.

another perk of the household binder is that returning things to the store is easy, as long as you properly file receipts away and remember when you bought the item.

i also do a cleaning of the receipts every once in a while. most places like target have a 90 day return policy. so after every month, I go back 3 months and clean out receipts i don’t need. this helps thin out the binder because if you are a shopper like me, that binder can get really thick. always keep receipts for places like costco who have a very nice return policy. also, you want to keep receipts for warranties or satisfaction guarantee items like my favorite oxo.

a good place for those precious receipts is in the little pocket behind your index cards but a file folder would do too.


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