Take Note Part 3

whoo hoo — the last part! (for now…)
it’s approaching the end of the year, so the household binder is due for a cleaning. soon. very soon. at the end of every year, i really appreciate the binder, especially in assisting me to have a good file cabinet. important receipts and pay check stubs are filed away. note that they are already in chronological order if you start from january! (awesome.)

when one month is over, i actually place its folder and sheet protector in the back so that the current month is what I open to. even after all that shuffling for two whole years, it’s still durable and strong. except for the october tab sticker falling off, I haven’t had to repair anything.

the whole idea is to have a temporary home for important documents. stay calm if the papers don’t all line up perfectly inside a folder. it really isn’t a big deal because as we all know, time flies and things will shuffle in and out of the binder. the first step is just to place everything in the correct month and go from there. 

when all is said and done, remember simple life principle #1: find an exact (household keeping) system that works for your life.


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