Detox the House

i’ve been living at my parents’ clutter house for the past few days and i’m trying so hard to ignore the clutter but not them. the problem is one of those deeply rooted issues that i’d really like to understand, hence the blogging.

i’m trying to understand why people feel they need stuff, not just mattresses, plates, utensils or even computers, phones or clothes, but just stuff. stuff that clutters the house.

you see, being in happy valley again has made me realize how much stuff people feel they need here. they feel they need plaques or tiles that say “happy happy family” on them or statues of people. and i’m not talking about the statues of famous, incredibly important people, but statues of nameless angels or husband and wife embracing or little doll-like children hugging. i mean, i want a happy, happy family and i want SG and my future kids to be reminded of sacred buildings; family photos will be on our walls…but not this other stuff.

i went to the bookstore today and i could buy a lot of paintings…i love art, i confess, but there was a huge section of stuff. i’m thinking to myself, why all this? why do we need this? why? where in the book of answers does it say we need stuff to be happy? i went to the treasure hunt store yesterday, and sure enough there was a whole aisle of Christmas stuff. i walked briskly away from that place.

i love having a car, clothes, food, and an abundance of other blessings, but i use those things, if not on a daily basis, a weekly basis.

do we use trinkets and plaques and statues? are they for aesthetics?

so are you saying that we, the domestic goddesses, need aesthetic pleasure? why of course! but can’t you accomplish the same effect with simple art, family photos and some fresh-looking flowers?

i’ve taken on a life goal to be simple, and to have a house and a lifestyle that is beautifully simple, and therefore simply beautiful. it’s also my personal mission to convert people to the simple ways again.

see, i do think we should enjoy life and its rich blessings, including the aesthetic pleasures. i am eager to make a home that is lovely and inviting to people with just the right amount of personal touch, but oh, where to draw the line? that is the question.