Simplify in the New Year

happy new year. here’s to us and the future of beautifully simple simply beautiful.

hello again. it’s me, SimpleGirl, the leader of the simple revolution (no occupy protest camping-out required). the revolution? simple. to simplify life and focus on what really matters aka prioritize.

the biggest thing people don’t realize is that you can still have things you love in a simple life. it’s not a life of deprivation.

example #1 you can still buy your favorite lipgloss, you could even buy in multiples if there was a great sale and you know you’ll use that many in the next year, thus saving you money in the long run. but it’s knowing what you love and where best to find it.

example #2 you can still be interesting and have hobbies. you could still love xbox and sports like SimpleGuy. you could love mountain biking and rock climbing like SG’s little bros. you could love shopping and decorating like me. but the point is learning discipline and moderation in our desires, principles that a lot of people lack but desperately need.

example #3 you can love lovely things. take shopping and learning about styles and fashion. on a realistic budget you can’t have it all. you can select statement pieces (like dresses and skirts if you’re like me, or shoes if you’re a shoe buff) but you probably can’t have the gucci bags, designer jeans, fur coats and 50 pairs of shoes. realistically, no one needs all that and you’re better off with more money in your purse. choose your battles, choose them well.

all of us, including myself are still learning to master simple life principle #1: find an exact (wardrobe, organizing, planning, decorating) system that works for your life.