Re-think the Coupon Part 1

back when i was but a little girl, my mom would take me to food4less with a stack of coupons. it was a game to us kids, to see who could find the item – be it fruits snacks, candy, canned soup, crackers, or cereal, etc.

twenty years later, i’m a couponer. yes i’m an amateur, with only a month’s experience, but a respect for coupons that goes way back.
in my month’s observations, i notice a few interesting things about people’s ideas about coupons that really needs to change:
  1. coupons are not just for poor people. coupons could potentially be for anyone. i get strange looks from people when i shop with coupon binder in the kidseat of the cart. like i’m one of those people. coupons save money and everyone, rich or poor, should be about saving money. 
  2. coupons don’t have to be extreme. like when the guy buys 20 bottles of gatorade, 50 granola bars, and 100 boxes of tictacs. then pays only .01c. here in snowy valley and also in socal, retailers don’t really double coupons, so yes, it’s easy to get a free item here and there, but you are not buying the whole store out. usually coupons have their limits. also, please remember to buy some produce (not just canned, frozen or processed foods which most coupons are for) as a fruit or vegetable is so incredibly healthy and delicious.
  3. and remember that the manufacturer wants you to buy a few of their items for cheap or free. they want you to use their items. they will reimburse the store for your coupon. they got it covered. you are not stealing anything.

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