Weigh the Value Part 3

UPDATED step three: organize your shopping trips with store rewards and a list of the deals into an envelope. you now have: one sleeker binder with tons of great coupons a file cabinet of efficiently organized coupons you will need: a plastic pocket for gathering coupons for shopping trips I now use a plastic pocket […]

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Weigh the Value Part 2

step two: organize the coupons you don’t need to bring with you and don’t plan to use right away (UPDATED) So, I’ve basically remodeled my coupon organizing: Part A: I still have a coupon binder but I have a much smaller binder. This binder has those printed store coupons (like Target) and other coupons I […]

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Weigh the Value Part 1

step one: know the coupons and know what coupons your household WILL use and COULD use. after a few months you will know what coupons are high value and which are blah-coupons. you will want to hold onto every coupon that your household uses, paying particular attention to high value coupons. then there are those […]

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Weigh the Value Intro

as you know i hate paper clutter. i am constantly surrounded by it but with my receipt binder, i kept tabs on everything. now into month 3 of couponing, i am finding that couponing is a huge source of clutter! so i must revamp the entire system. my journey so far: there are a lot […]

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