Weigh the Value Intro

as you know i hate paper clutter. i am constantly surrounded by it but with my receipt binder, i kept tabs on everything. now into month 3 of couponing, i am finding that couponing is a huge source of clutter! so i must revamp the entire system. my journey so far:

there are a lot of couponers out there now and with the blogs and internet, it makes couponing much easier, because people are constantly posting preview ads, deals and tips.

lots of coupon-bloggers have their coupon binders, a huge 3 inch binder that they carry around each store with them.

i guess i’m too petite and lack the arm power to haul around a huge binder, but after two months of carrying around 1 1/2 inch binder of coupons, i’m done! i don’t want to do it anymore. i am on the hunt for a new, better method.

old method: clip every single coupon and put them into slots in a binder, plan for shopping trips using a paper envelope each week, have a huge pile of “maybe” coupons in an envelope

result: lots of time wasted on putting coupons into binder slots, lots of wasted paper envelopes, a massive amount of coupons that are unorganized and quite honestly a huge mess.

don’t get me wrong: the coupon binder is a great concept, but having every single coupon with me at all times is unnecessary. the envelope idea is really cool too, if you have a bunch of free envelopes you can trash after a week. but i don’t. i want to use the system but find a way to reuse the same envelope for months at a time.

new method: plan for shopping trips with plastic reusable envelopes (with a shopping list inserted) clipping only coupons you may need, and organize any additional coupons according to insert date and for e-coupons, by expiration date. this creates a much smaller binder or file folder system

result: a lighter coupon binder for faster, more efficient coupon-shopping, no more wasted envelopes and a happier couponer!

it’s going to be fabulous! stay tuned for more details.


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