Weigh the Value Part 2

step two:
organize the coupons you don’t need to bring with you and don’t plan to use right away

So, I’ve basically remodeled my coupon organizing:
Part A: I still have a coupon binder but I have a much smaller binder. This binder has those printed store coupons (like Target) and other coupons I get from non-newspaper sources. Usually they are baby-related coupons, from mailers or the internet.

I thought of not having the binder at all, but then I thought, it’s still really nice to have everything in one place when you shop.  These coupons usually have a longer life, meaning an expiration date that is the end of the year. I can forget about them for a while but they are readily available if I needed them. These coupons are organized by category

Part B: I sort other coupons using the file folder method. I use file folders, for easier access and NO clipping unnecessary coupons! Coupon inserts are organized by date. Since inserts expire about every three months, you can keep reusing the same folders as long as you routinely throw away expired inserts.


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