Fullerton Food Part 2

la cantarito – placentia yum. this old-town placentia restaurant is a family favorite now. we come here at least once a month if we aren’t scared away by the wait (yes, there is a long wait on weekends. beware). their chile verde (burrito called “burrito especial” or just chile verde) is amazing. la bistec ranchero/mexicana […]

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Fullerton Food Part 1

so excited for SG to graduate from scco (fullerton, ca). fullerton – oh, i will miss the crazy orange county people that i’ve come to despise…i mean, love. we have a love-hate relationship with this city. we love the food and the diversity and the weather and the convenience. we hate the traffic, the student […]

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Couponing Crash Course

how to get started with your couponing step one: gather your information using sunday ads or websites based on your location: my personal favorite,  thekrazycouponlady posts nationwide sales, freebies2deals is especially good for UT. it’s a good idea to look into a few different sites to see which one you like best. also brands will […]

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