Fullerton Food Part 1

so excited for SG to graduate from scco (fullerton, ca).

fullerton – oh, i will miss the crazy orange county people that i’ve come to despise…i mean, love. we have a love-hate relationship with this city. we love the food and the diversity and the weather and the convenience. we hate the traffic, the student housing bubble, and the tuition we have to pay to be here. but it’s provided so many good times, so i’ve decided to do a fullerton series (of food) in honor of leaving this beautiful place!

starting with the grease first:

chicken box – la habra
yes, it can be pricey, but go on mondays. call in the order. you will have to wait. be patient. just call it in and go pick it up, for 10-pc broasted chicken. if you don’t want to spend the extra for mashed potatoes, get the broasted potatoes. they aren’t the best, but they’ll do. fries are not the best. i repeat, no fries.
i like coleslaw with chicken so i always get a half pint. it’s pretty good but will need extra pepper.

yum. the best part is the chicken is still great the day after (maybe not three days after) but it provides a good dinner and lunch for the day after. great joint. once you’ve been here, you will never go back to kfc. ever.

update: take cash because they will charge a small fee for using credit cards.


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