Fullerton Food Part 7

harbor fresh fish grill – brea, ca yum. if you like fish, this is the place to be. we came on one of SG’s classmate’s recommendation. a couple years ago, they had orange roughy so i ordered the fried fish plate with orange roughy. soo good. they used to have this amazing coleslaw that you […]

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Fullerton Food Part 6

part six? yeah, i could go on forever and ever. polly’s pies – fullerton, ca (other oc locations too) skip the dinners and go for the pies! this place is geriatric but you should still order a pie to go if you can’t stand the decor. the kona chips are pretty good—they are homestyle potato […]

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Fullerton Food Part 5

the hat – brea, ca (there are other oc locations too) if you love pastrami sandwiches, this is the place for you. try their chili cheese fries and/or onion rings i tried the roast beef/french dip; it’s okay but not their signature dish.i also tried the chicken salad sandwich (a cold sandwich): not my favorite. […]

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Fullerton Food Part 4

angelo & vinci’s – fullertonthis place is really fun. we chanced upon it in some ad when we first moved to fullerton. SG’s uncle was in town and we were starving. the decor is crazy. if you have a.d.d., it’s going to be overwhelming. once you’ve been a few times, it’s not as bothersome and […]

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Fullerton Food Part 3

brea’s best -breai like a good hamburger every now and again but i am super picky about them. i do not like mustard, ketchup or pickles so i’m tough to please. brea’s best is a great place. it’s a small local joint with the small-town feel to it, one of the things i love, is […]

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