Fullerton Food Part 3

brea’s best -brea
i like a good hamburger every now and again but i am super picky about them. i do not like mustard, ketchup or pickles so i’m tough to please. brea’s best is a great place. it’s a small local joint with the small-town feel to it, one of the things i love, is that it is close to a very clean stater bros. too, making it a great stop before picking up groceries.

SG always gets the regular hamburger or cheeseburger. i have ordered several things: among them, the bacon-avocado cheeseburger. i have to be starving in order to eat it, otherwise it’s a lot of caloric power. i also like the turkey club, it’s much more decent of a price than those corner-bakery-cafes/panera joints. my current favorite is the bbq chicken sandwich. i like the chicken a lot. as a salad-freak, my advice is to skip the salads; they are pricey and other joints pull off better salads. stick to sandwiches and burgers.

we always get sweet potato fries or onion rings. it’s an absolute must.


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