Fullerton Food Part 4

angelo & vinci’s – fullerton
this place is really fun. we chanced upon it in some ad when we first moved to fullerton. SG’s uncle was in town and we were starving. the decor is crazy. if you have a.d.d., it’s going to be overwhelming. once you’ve been a few times, it’s not as bothersome and you can focus on eating.

the food is splendid. their secret is the cheese. it’s yummy. and their special dough, as in pizza dough and also those rolls they serve each table. really, really good stuff.

try the to-go counter. we’ve ordered pizza there many times.
we also adore the lunch special: slice of pizza, salad and pasta salad. it’s about $3 now (used to be less, dang it) but it’s still totally worth it. be prepared for a lot of cheese. it is not for the light-hearted.

it’s a good dinner joint too. note: try not to go on a busy night…sometimes they are swamped and the service gets really slow.
my favorites are the garlic/onion pizza and that one dish, the stuffed/rolled pasta with cheese, pine nuts and golden raisins. sounds crazy but it’s good, i promise. update: it’s called “rolletini.” recommend the pesto & meat or marinara sauce!

other dishes for dinner:
eggplant parmigiana – huge portions, split the order with a friend!
cannelloni – better than the manicotti
insalata orangina — i do not know what it is about this salad, but it is so incredibly good!
fried calamari – tasty and comes with their great marinara

most entrees (spaghetti, manicotti, etc) come with sausage or meatball. i recommend sausage but meatball is decent.
oh yeah, always get their italian salad dressing if you get a salad. super good.


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