Fullerton Food Part 6

part six? yeah, i could go on forever and ever.

polly’s pies – fullerton, ca (other oc locations too)

skip the dinners and go for the pies! this place is geriatric but you should still order a pie to go if you can’t stand the decor. the kona chips are pretty good—they are homestyle potato chips and come with most burger/sandwich type meals.

our favorites:
lemon meringue – kinda pricey, but you can wait for a sale, like right now (may 2012) they have a sale for 7.99 to-go price. lemon meringue is usually not what i go for in a pie, but this one rocks my world!
boysenberry – yum, take this home and get yourself some cool whip lite – it is the perfect combination

chocolate silk – this is decent but it is comparable to other pie-joints.
apple (no sugar added) – sg’s uncle who’s diabetic said he’s a fan of this, but is doubtful about the no-sugar-added because it tastes that good. i guess it’s natural fruit sugars…maybe?


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