Fullerton Food Part 7

harbor fresh fish grill – brea, ca

yum. if you like fish, this is the place to be. we came on one of SG’s classmate’s recommendation.

a couple years ago, they had orange roughy so i ordered the fried fish plate with orange roughy. soo good. they used to have this amazing coleslaw that you can ask as your side dish, however, last time SG and i went it was totally different. i don’t know if the chef was sick or if management has changed but i was totally bummed out. it’s usually this chopped up (almost minced) cabbage/cucumber or what not. it was an incredible taste and texture.

last time i got grilled swai plate with garlic butter sauce. i highly recommend it. SG likes to get the grilled mahi mahi plate with garlic butter sauce or cajun sauce. both are excellent, fattening sauces. 

the sweet potato fries are very good too. the grilled asparagus is also a winner.


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