My Moving Tips

My husband and I have moved…let’s see…NINE times in the four years we’ve been married. I can’t say I’m as good as those military families–they have lots to move especially if they have lots of kids–but I’m pretty darn good at packing and unpacking now.

Last month was our TENTH move (It was 30 days ago! And I still haven’t unpacked everything!). Good thing it was only across town…to our very first home! Goodbye apartment-living!

Here’s a few moving tips from yours truly:
1. Pack heavy things and place them in the front of the pile of boxes because they go on first in the moving truck as the “foundation.” Lighter boxes go in the back of your house because they go on top of the heavier things in the truck.

2. Label everything. I really like the idea I saw on Pinterest of using colored duct tape for sides and tops boxes that go to each kid/room/purpose. I’m too cheap to buy that stuff but if I were moving a whole family, I’d definitely use it. Still, it’s good to at least write a description what’s in the box. -Need packing tape, sharpies and some of this Purple Duchess:

3. I like to pack things starting from least used/important to the things you are still using up to the day you move. I like to group things in groups A, B, C–C being the stuff you can start packing right away, like the china you never use except Christmas. B is certain clothing items, toys, equipment you won’t be using the week of the move. Group A is food, toiletries and a limited amount of clothing. I also include dishes and silverware (but you could always go the paper plate/utensil method for the weekend of moving and pack these items earlier). Boxes! (maybe go on an amazon shopping spree to get boxes!)

4. Enlist help from man and machine. Two guys with muscles go a long, long way. Hand trucks and dollies are the greatest moving inventions ever. Need: machinery and rope…lots of it!!

5. I like to make a move-in welcome package for myself. I always choose the brightest, most colorful box I can and pack this in the CAR not in the moving truck. It has essentials because right after moving, it seems like everyone has to go to the bathroom, (TP, soap, hand towels) open their boxes, (box cutter or scissors) and clean up messes (dish soap, sponges, rags). I love Method hand soap, so it is always my housewarming present to me.

Happy rest-of-the-summer! Got to go! Baby is waking up!

Love to hear from you. Share your moving tips with me. (Hopefully I won’t need them for a while though.)


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