Home Projects Part One

I’m so excited to say that we are now in very first house! When we first closed on the house, I was filled with excitement to decorate, paint and make the house my own. We’ve been married four years and have lived in many different apartments for that entire time so there was never time to bring out the decor.
So I’ve been spending more time than I’d like to admit on Pinterest, pinning my favorite things and thinking about DIY projects. I’m trying to stay within “budget” because even though we have money, we don’t want to be pouring money into a house. (It’s just a house!)

It’s tough mastering the fine balance between having cute, trendy and nice stuff and making do with what you have because it works and is functioning. I like to blend aesthetics and function. I believe every room should achieve function with great style.

Some of the rooms were too girly for me. I like purple but not for a bathroom. I just needed something more gender-neutral. SG kept asking me, “Why paint?” Because paint can open up the possibilities of better ambiance. I could have left the colors the way they were, but they were better suited for the previous dwellers. It’s not always just about function. Even for people like me, the budget-conscious.

Project One: repaint some of the rooms

Previous owner had two young girls and their walls scream pigtails and bows. I don’t have any little girls. So it was just not part of my vision for this house. Now I’ve convinced my husband how awesome paint is. It really is the cheapest way to update a room.

The first project was awesome because I chose the colors and my uncle-in-law did the painting. He painted two bedrooms and a bathroom. Since I was juggling a then-four-month old, I was so grateful to have his help. Check out the before pics in the left column and the after pics in the right:

First, the nursery. The green was okay but I wanted something more clean. This is actually the only white room in our new house, so maybe I’ll paint it a color later.
I used Behr Premium Paint from Home Depot but color-matched Benjamin Moore paint colors. This one is Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee. I chose it because it is the color Pottery Barn Kids uses for The Very Hungry Caterpillar bedding in their catalog. It’s the perfect off-white. It brightens the room up a lot. Maybe too much. But I will throw some great Eric Carle art on the walls soon.

We’re still working on getting the crib out of our room into this cute nursery. Nursery reveal to come!


This is the purple bathroom! I love the tan so much more. It is perfectly warm, complimenting the beige tile and gold fixtures. The dark purple and light purple made each section of the bathroom feel so small and cold.
I’m one of those people who does not think beige/tan is boring. We used Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan, one of the Pottery Barn colors. I plan to use pale yellow and blue towels and decor to brighten up the room even more.

I was going to gel stain the cabinets, but I think the white wood kind of looks good with the tan…what do you think?

Also, we live in a 90s house, which means every fixture is polished brass aka gold tone. It’s kind of annoying. I wish I could have nickel chrome but updating one thing would mean updating EVERYTHING. Well, maybe in our next house.

This is our guest room walls inspired by Savvy Southern Style’s master bedroom (the design from a year ago). I really like her style. I want to do something similar, combining shabby cottage chic with southern farmhouse since we live in Texas now. I’m a traditional kind of girl.

Funny. The after pic shows no ceiling fan because I took the photo while the paint was still drying. We are still trying to clean up. I was too excited and couldn’t wait to snap a pic. It has great potential!

I LOVE this room’s color, Benjamin Moore Davenport Tan.

Overall, I love these colors. I could have stuck with the old colors, but these new colors open up a lot more designing possibility for me.


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