Best Swaddling Blankets

You will need:

  • aden + anais brand muslin swaddles (47″) or muslin/gauze cotton material (for DIY version)
  • flannel fabric
  • scissors
  • sewing machine/serger, pins and thread or a sewing friend who will do free labor

Let me tell you about Baby, so you know a little about my specific baby experience.

Baby was 8 lbs, 12 oz at birth and proceeded to grow very fast and is still on what feels like a crazy, forever-growth-spurt.

I could imagine another mom in my situation, very depressed that she spent a lot of money on things that were not used for very long.

I wasn’t depressed. I was happy that Baby was such a great eater (I’m 5’2 and I’m carrying around a 6-month old who weighs 20+ lbs!) and I was even happier that I bought things that were durable and that we still continue to use months and months later.

Every baby has a different growth pattern. But I know every parent wants baby stuff that lasts for a long time and works well. Get the best product that has the best quality for the best price possible.

The best swaddling blankets are:

  • square in dimension (for the perfect swaddle)
  • lightweight (then layer with clothing and other blankets if needed)
  • large (to grow with baby)
  • cotton (I prefer natural fabrics)


Do Buy:  The aden + anais brand. They are bigger than any other blanket out there (47″), they are square,  and they are perfectly lightweight for a summer baby. We are in our first hot Texas summer and I am so glad I bought these because Baby sleeps with one every night.

Note: Target has smaller sized aden + anais swaddling wraps. Rumor has it that they are not as good quality (Google it.)

The girls’ patterns are way cuter than the boys’, in my opinion:


adenanaisprincessposieDIY version: if you have sewing skills, find this type of cloth at the fabric store (muslin cotton) and try to make your own.


Don’t buy (unless you can’t sew): Carter’s Wrap-Me-Up Receiving Blankets or similar product. Carter’s is a great brand of baby clothing, but their receiving blankets (pack of 4) are not square or really small (30″) which makes for an awkward swaddle and expensive considering that they are just pieces of flannel which you could buy at any fabric store.

Do buy: flannel. Try buying flannel on sale and making square receiving blankets by creating a square (as large as you can, check the width, usually 45″), trimming, and then hemming with a serger or sewing machine. They will be cheaper and bigger! You will get more use out of them.

My mom and I also made really cute self-binding receiving blankets, with this tutorial.

Remember, babies grow fast. We did not use those miracle swaddler envelope-pocket-wraps–they do look really cool and they may work for your baby, but they are pricey and really only serve one purpose–swaddling–which baby grows out of.

I much preferred having a thin flannel blanket which has MANY uses even after the baby grows out of swaddling. (Heck, it can even be cut up and used as a rag afterwards!)


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