Baby Diapers Brands

Here are diaper brands for Sizes 1 and 2 in order of greatness, from greatest to not-so-great:

  1. Pampers Swaddlers (sesame street design)
  2. Huggies Little Snugglers (winnie the pooh design)
  3. Kirkland Signature Supreme (panda design) (size 1-2) *the best generic brand*
  4. Up & Up (Target) (purple stars design)
  5. Parents’ Choice (Wal-Mart) (bear? design)

First off, I feel a lot of people are brand-snobs when it comes to diapers. It’s true that some babies have skin problems and truly need sensitive diapers or wipes.  And some babies have lanky bodies instead of chunky ones.

Disposable diapers are made to be absorbant but if you leave baby in one for too long she will get a rash. That’s true for all brands. Change your baby’s diaper often especially those first few months when they have tons of wet diapers!

And then there’s an all-natural, eco-friendly movement going on in the diaper world. It’s one thing to be conscientious about using and supporting natural products. It’s another thing to be a clingy, crazy parent who’s overprotective of her child. We live in a world of technological advances and disposable diapers (with chemicals) are one of them.

If you are one of those crazy types or if your baby has inherited skin problems from you/your spouse, try cloth diapers. No chemicals but a lot of laundry.

For the rest of you, read on:

*All brands perform fairly the same for wet diapers. You will read many reviews online about how x brand leaked and y brand did not, but leaks are usually due to new parents’ inexperience, not brand: the diaper was not put on correctly or tight enough or they were using the wrong size (too big or too small). But there are some brands that won’t fit your baby as well as others, especially for containing poo, aka dirty diapers.

prod_image_zoom_diaper_swaddlersPampers Swaddlers and Huggies Little Snugglers are fairly similar in list price, but I do prefer Pampers over Huggies. Pampers have a snugger fit in the leg and I think they absorb better (read my lips: chemicals!). Because they have a better fit, there are less blowouts and leaks, in my experience.

*If there was one disposable brand I’d buy for a new baby, it would be Pampers Swaddlers. New parents worry about whether or not their baby will have some freak reaction to a certain brand usually from hearing crazy stories; again, if you have a history of skin issues, look into a sensitive disposable diaper or cloth diapers. But most babies do well in Swaddlers.

But there is one thing I don’t like. They smell. Clean Little Snugglers diapers do not have a smell but clean Swaddlers have this “Newborn Nursery” baby powder smell.  I find the smell is strongest with the big boxes, but I open the pack to air them out.  I might just have an sensitive nose.

huggiessnugglersHuggies Little Snugglers are a great diaper and a close second. They do smell like pee faster than Pampers because they are not scented. And they seem to absorb less, meaning more frequent diaper changes.

*Suggestion: Huggies diapers run small, at least the Little Snugglers line. So my advice is, if you plan to use both brands as I did, use up your Huggies first so that you use Pampers when baby is a bit bigger (but still in the weight range).

I don’t get why. Both brands have the same weight ranges on their packaging, but our baby wore Size 2 Pampers Swaddlers up until a couple of weeks ago and he was close to 20 pounds then. I think they extend out wider, giving you more diaper to work with.

I’ll admit, I was kind of getting worried. Remember, I bought 932 Size 2 diapers (some of both brands, but I did have more Pampers Swaddlers diapers). I was kind of nervous towards the end, that Baby would not be able to get through the two big boxes of Size 2 Swaddlers after using up all the Little Snugglers. But he did just fine and there were very few leaks! (Happy Mom.)

-Recommended places to get Pampers and Huggies: Target,, Sam’s Club, Costco also sells Huggies (CVS and Target are good for avid coupon users)

*Another suggestion: If you plan to use coupons, sign up on the Pampers and Huggies website! Huggies is especially coupon-friendly–they sent me a lot of coupons. Look for the P&G brands saver coupon insert in newspapers for Pampers coupons. is a good e-source for both.

I requested a sample of Kirkland Signature Supreme in Size 1-2. They felt pretty much exactly like Huggies, so they are an excellent alternative-generic-diaper, if you have a Costco membership and/or don’t plan to use manufacturers’ coupons.   Costco has their own coupons, so stock up when diapers make an appearance in the booklet!

The other three brands we’ve tested are pretty much the same–mediocre at best:

Babies R Us (Baby Blues) (denim design) has a slight edge over the other two because it is a slightly softer diaper, but are blue (kind of weird). I bought two boxes for about .10c a diaper on sale at BRU. Killer deal. But I tried to only use these at home because they are scratchy and paper-like, unlike Pampers and Huggies which feel more like cloth.

Parents’ Choice (Wal-Mart) (teddy bear design) and Up & Up (Target) (purple stars design) are very scratchy and very paper-like. I know a lot of church friends who use these on their toddlers but I don’t recommend them for younger babies because they are so stiff and don’t fit well.

Moneysaver Tip: If you are trying to save on diapers, I would suggest buying a generic you like, to use at home and then buying a premium brand of diapers to put on baby just before leaving the house, to take with you in your diaper bag, and also for nighttime wear, just to be safe. This way, you go through the Pampers/Huggies diapers slower and use them only when you need to.

We just started Baby on Size 3 diapers and will be moving on to the next line of diapers (Cruisers and Little Movers), so I’ll keep you posted.


7 thoughts on “Baby Diapers Brands

    1. Happy to see you here, H! I’m wondering if the $79/year is worth it. I haven’t used Amazon Mom but it’s a great option especially for Pampers (not available at Costco) because couponing does take some work/time. Not to mention driving all over town! But they have a three month free trial! I’ll test it out sometime.

      1. I forgot about the $80/yr …and I heard of moms just getting diapers for the first 3 months and then cancelling! I think you are a pro couponer so that may be the best way to do it. Good thing you’re my sis in law so you fan help me, when the time comes!!

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