Baby Diaper Count

Here is my data on how many diapers Baby used for the first six months year and a half of life.

I can’t say this is how many diapers you will use with your baby, but it gives you a good idea of what to plan for. This is for a baby born 8 lbs, 12 oz (lost 10% of birthweight at the hospital but gained it all back the week after) so a good-sized baby. If you have a premature baby or low birthweight baby, you’ll probably be in Sizes N and 1 a bit longer.

Size N (Newborn) 180 = 5 jumbo packs (we received two at the hospital),  lasted about weeks, (10/day)

  • For Baby, this was the perfect amount of newborn diapers

Size 1 798 = 79.8 days (10/day)

Size 2 932 = 103 days (about 9/day)

  • This was slightly more than we should have bought, but it worked out. Just monitored those diapers like crazy.

Size 3 2591 = 345 days (about 7.5/day)

  • at six months old, Baby was already in Size 3 for about a week

Current (APRIL 2014): Baby started wearing size 4 a month ago (about 6-7/day). At eighteen months old, he is 26 lbs so could have stayed in Size 3 for a bit longer but we ran out of Pampers Cruisers. Once again, Pampers Cruisers were the best fit towards the end but they are so pricey–it’s hard to find good deals for Cruisers and Swaddlers. I decided to move him up to Huggies size 4 (on sale at Sam’s Club) rather than pay too much for Cruisers just to stay in size 3 a month longer.



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