Tips for Choosing a Going Home Outfit

Going home from the hospital is nerve-wrecking because you suddenly realize you won’t have those nurses to help you with your baby. It’s just youon your own—time to panic! The transition to life with a newborn is crazy, crazy, crazy.

On your going-home day, do yourself a favor and take some family photos with your new little one, before you look too frazzled and sleep-deprived.

I debated over and over and over again on what going-home outfit to put Baby in. I wanted it cute and comfortable. Here are some important guidelines:

  1. avoid putting baby in clothes that rub against the umbilical cord
  2. get a similar backup in case baby spits up or soils his/her adorable outfit
  3. make sure the outfit has legs because baby will be strapped into the car seat to go home (unless you live next door to a hospital or birthing center)
  4. dress baby warmly with a hat and socks and blanket; newborns need layers
  5. if you can, buy this outfit towards the end of your pregnancy (34 wks or later) because your OB can guess the size of your baby a little better.  Just don’t postpone too long.  Size N (5-9 lbs) works for most babies; if you know your baby is big, you might want to consider bringing a 0-3M outfit as a backup or a backup size P outfit if your baby is on the small side.

This is how I put together my going-home outfit for Baby:

  • I decided the inner layer of baby’s clothing would be a simple white side-snap shirt (Gerber brand, 0-3M size, 4-pack available at Wal-Mart/Target). It is a looser-fit shirt; this style of shirt does not rub against the umbilical cord the way a onesie would–which is why it is recommended for your newborn’s layette. As a backup, I brought an extra one of these shirts to the hospital.
  • I went to Gymboree and shopped the sale rack. There were other way cute, more expensive options there, but I knew in the end this outfit would be worn just a few times. (It’s still Newborn size!) I found this really cute monkey jacket for Baby on sale:


Isn’t it super cute? Every new mom wants an adorable outfit for her new baby. This jacket fit the bill. I like that it’s simple with classic colors. It served as an outer layer that easily zips up without fuss, that I only put on Baby right as we started to take photos so it wouldn’t get dirty.

  • I found a 2-pack of matching pants. I brought both pairs of pants to the hospital, again, in case of diaper leaks or spit-up. You will need to strap baby into a car seat to leave the hospital so make sure there are legs in the outfit, at least for the car ride home.
  • I went to another Gymboree location (luckily we have FOUR in our area) to look for these cap style hats and I found ’em on sale too! When looking for hats for your newborn, go for beanie hats that have some depth and plenty of stretchyou can fold them up if they are too long, you’ll get more use out of them, and they will stay in place; these cap type from Gymboree kept falling off Baby’s head. But they were cute (aww!):
    So cute but these kept falling off!

    I recommend deeper beanies like these.
  • Remember to bundle Baby up! Bring an adorable fuzzy blanket to wrap her up! Also don’t forget 2 pairs of socks to use as socks and as mittens—newborns have the craziest fingernails ever! Protect the face from scratches so he/she will look great for your photos!
Gymboree socks with reinforced cuffs are best for newborns!

So, keep it cute but also newborn-friendly. Check out Gymboree’s Brand New Baby line. Shop Gymboree’s sale rack, as sometimes you can find some great items in 0-3 month sizes.

Make it simple to mix ‘n match in case you need to do a last-minute clothing change.

Moneysaver Tip: Baby clothes go on deep sale in December, January and February @ Gymboree (Big Red Balloon –  around late Dec or early Jan), Target (Baby Sale – around Jan 24) and many other places.

For suggestions for your newborn’s first clothing, see this post, “Newborn Layette.”


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