Boppy Luxe Pillow Review

boppyluxeUPDATE: This item has been discontinued! Bummer! Try Boppy Heirloom pillows available at Babies R Us. They do not have the pockets, but will have more structure with the piping.

Nursing pillows are kind of a luxury; if you have a c-section though like I did, they are a must-have. The pillow really helps to keep pressure off your incision. Our mothers did not have these pillows–they wish they did.

Some moms like My Brest Friend – this type velcros around you and I kind of wish I had one just to know the difference between the two. I can’t say how they compare. I know the Boppy does slide around. But I like that it’s super easy to “put on” for night feedings.

I bought a Boppy on sale at Kids.Woot! for about $30 shipped. And it’s not just any Boppy. It is a Boppy Luxe Pillow  (“My Little Lamb,” yellow/white with lambs).

I took my pillow to the hospital and all the nurses commented on how they had never seen a Boppy like it and that it was better than the regular Boppy slipcover. And it is better!

  1. It is made of minky fabric which is really soft and more plush than the regular polyester-blend slipcover, which is kind of harsh. It does get warm though.
  2. It has three side pockets in the slipcover that are a great place to put your cell phone, chapstick or treat 🙂
  3. It has piping around the pillow that gives it structure. The regular Boppy cover just flops.

Baby is in love with this pillow. Right now he semi-crawls and finds this pillow to stroke it on the sides and on the lamb applique. It’s adorable to watch.

My version is discontinued (pictured above) but there is a newer version. For some reason, the old version is listed on Amazon for $119. (Yeah, not happening.)

The newer version is $40 (as of this post) at and I hope it’s of the same quality. It has two lambs instead of one:


Go to a baby stuff store and look at the Boppy and My Brest Friend. Consider your body type and which you would prefer.

If you choose Boppy, I recommend getting one with PIPING for added structure; some of the Luxe models have this feature others do not, so do your research (check out Boppy Luxe Hoot Owl, Ladybug, Elephant Garden OR Boppy Heirloom Fox or Gray Whale pictured below). I think it’s worth the extra price. Remember, piping!

boppyfox boppyheirloom

Moneysaver Tip: Sites like Zulily and Kids.Woot and Sellout.Woot are good sources for discounted baby products but the selection varies from week to week. Just be careful–they get very addicting. 95% of the goods are really unnecessary/overpriced–it’s all about the hunt for the real deal!


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