Baby Clothes – Rewards Programs

Occasionally, Gymboree and Carter’s run rewards programs, when you buy a certain $ amount of merchandise you can get $ in store rewards.

Gymboree has a rewards program called Gymbucks. I never use this program. When you buy $50 of clothing, you get a $25 rewards called Gymbucks, stapled to your receipt, that you can redeem during their Gymbuck redemption weeks (you can’t use it right away!). The catch is that you have to spend $50 to get your $25. So essentially it’s getting 50% off a future purchase of $50…but you already spent $50 to get that reward. And that’s a lot to be spending on kids’ clothing.

Plus, from my reading online, Gymboree does not accept coupons with Gymbucks. Correct me if I’m wrong here. But that makes it really hard to use this program.

If you have a lot of kids or a family photo or family gathering that requires some nice clothes that are not on the sale rack at Gymboree, than you might consider this program, but make sure you know when you can use your rewards. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother. I always buy from the sale rack with coupons and that’s enough for me.

When they ask me if I want to spend $10 more to get Gymbucks, I shake my head.

Do sign up for Gymboree rewards program in general, even if you don’t plan to earn Gymbucks. The program signs you up for email newsletters that sometimes will send you coupons in your email. Like any rewards program, it’s associated with a phone number you give to the associate at every purchase. Being a member allows you to sometimes receive extra promotions during a sale (friends and family events). When you spend $250 you get $5 of rewards–I’ve never reached that mark, so I can’t comment on it.

Carter’s also runs a rewards program during holidays. You get $10 when you spend $50, but from the fine print, you can spend your $10 on $10. So just spend $10.01 and you can use it. Like the Gymbucks, the rewards do expire so make sure to read the fine print. I haven’t used this program, but I am more inclined to use this one in the future.


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