Carter’s Bodysuits Review

You will need:

  • short-sleeved bodysuits–buy onesies, onesies and more onesies (10-12 in each size)

Side snap shirts and sleeper gowns with elastic are best for the first few weeks of baby’s life as these are most umbilical-cord friendly.

After the cord falls off, use short-sleeved bodysuits (a.k.a onesies) with expandable lap shoulders for the first few months. Onesies are the most versatile piece of baby clothing and they are relatively cheap compared to other types of clothing.  Onesies are tried and true: t-shirt ride up–onesies don’t (unless the snaps come undone!).

There are several kinds of neck openings: expandable lap shoulders, side snap, double side snaps, polo shirt/front snap and back snap.

Our newborn hated clothes pulled over the head, so for the first two months, we put on clothes bottom up (sticking his bum through the neck). Remember, Baby’s head was huge, so I feel like clothes would have gotten stretched out either direction. Snaps were really difficult to deal with–it was already a huge task getting him dressed! Think about it: you are constantly changing diapers and clothes–all day! and all night! Make your life easier by getting those loose necklines.


Pink stripes! Cute? Yes. But a bit difficult to dress a newborn in one of these narrower openings–especially big headed babies. Get these in larger sizes to wear when baby’s a little older and is used to getting dressed.

Instead look for the shoulders that expand. You can slip them over baby’s head much easier or dress him from the bottom up. (Recently a friend sent me a YouTube video of a baby being dressed from the bottom up. People (even grandmas and moms with years of experience) were raving it was a revelation. NOT! I learned this from Week One with a huge headed infant!)

Expandable lap shoulders

Remember, bodysuits can be used as pajama tops in the summertime too.

carters1Here’s an example of Carter’s pack of short-sleeve bodysuits on sale this Labor Day weekend sale. I bought these in size 9M, 12M and 18M because as you know, I love to stockpile. I know these are kind of plain and not as cute as other bodysuits but they are a fabulous deal.

From my research the Target Carter’s Just One You or Precious Firsts bodysuits (sizes NB-12M) come in a pack of 4 for $8.99. Or you can get a pack of 3 (usually with more decoration) for the same price. Now if you can score a sale, that price will be a little better. The onesies in those packs are about $2.25 or $2.99 a piece.

The Carter’s website has these 7-pack bodysuits, priced at $32 MSRP. I called my local store and they didn’t carry packs of 7. The associate had never heard of a 7-pack. I have never seen 7-packs before, usually only 3-pack or 5-pack. Here are the designs (cute choices for baby girls!):

carters2 carters0 carters3 carters4

If you wait for a 50% sale, you can score 7 onesies (available in sizes NB to 24M) for $16 plus tax and S/H. Already a better deal than than usual prices around 40% off.

I found a code online for 25% off a $40+ purchase and you can get free shipping without a code if you buy $50 or more. So that is one of the reasons I stocked up and bought some other things. I don’t want to ever pay shipping. I am fairly confident these will be good; if not, I’ll just return them to the local store with receipt. Carter’s has an excellent return policy.

So with the 25% coupon, I paid $12 for 7 onesies, about $1.71 a piece, then adding tax but free S/H. That’s an awesome deal for some bodysuits that are a little nicer than plain white ones.

I wish I had known about these 7-packs before. I’m glad I scored a lot of Gymboree clothes in 0-3M and 3-6M, but I paid about $2-3/onesie, which is not bad, but these are a great quality and price.


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