Baby Clothes – Buy Color

We just got clear storage bins and so I’ve been organizing Baby’s clothing that he’s outgrown, sadly, to be put away until our next baby. I can’t believe he’s grown up so fast. To my dismay,  the white Just One You (Carter’s) bodysuits from Target had these awful yellow stains on the shoulders, probably from […]

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Baby Wipes

UPDATED 2015 Here are the baby wipe brands I’ve tried with general characteristics of each: Pampers Sensitive (fragrance free) – very moist, thick, soft; these are very slick wipes Amazon Elements (sensitive) – moist, thinner than Pampers Sensitive, soft Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes (unscented)- moist, thick, soft, strange odor; I recommend getting a different dispenser since […]

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Baby Ahead – Make Ahead Meals

Preparing some food in advance for those first few weeks post-delivery will help you focus on bonding with your baby and not slaving over a hot stove. Search online for make ahead meals; you can come up with your own menu, based on what you normally eat. Remember, frozen meals do get freezer burn if […]

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Baby Ahead – Enlist Help

Get some people to help you out after you come home from the hospital. These can be friends, church friends, neighbors, relatives—people you trust. Find people who really help and are not just going to be hanging around your house, cuddling the baby. You are not supposed to play hostess. You need real help. You […]

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Baby Ahead – Stockpile Food

Newborns are a full-time job around the clock. So help yourself out by stockpiling some food so you will always have basic ingredients to make quick meals: Ideas for the Freezer: Frozen meals: frozen lasagna (Stouffer’s or homemade if you are ambitious), Spinach and Cheese Raviolis, Potstickers, Meat: get all kinds of meat, fish and […]

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