Baby Clothes – Buy Color

We just got clear storage bins and so I’ve been organizing Baby’s clothing that he’s outgrown, sadly, to be put away until our next baby. I can’t believe he’s grown up so fast.

To my dismay,  the white Just One You (Carter’s) bodysuits from Target had these awful yellow stains on the shoulders, probably from newborn spit up.  I don’t know if we had horrible lighting in our apartment when Baby was born but I did not notice them before.

This was even back during the time I was a brand-new mom and took a lot of care to wash and spray stains out of shirts right after changing Baby.

I will probably use the stained white bodysuits with my next baby just because I don’t want to keep buying new baby clothes with each new addition to our family and newborn babies go through a lot of clothes every day.

But please learn from my mistake.  Buy color.  My colored baby clothing probably has stains but is a lot less noticeable. This way you do not have to use bleach on your baby’s clothing. Please do yourself a favor and get some color, preferably darker colors but pastels are better than white.

I promise I don’t work for Carter’s, I just love their clothing a lot and I truly believe in buying quality so you don’t have to waste money on inferior products (only to run to the store to buy what you should have bought in the first place). If I could have a redo, I would have gone straight to buying the Carter’s 7-pack of short-sleeve bodysuits because they have such great bright colors. (Please do take into consideration what gifted clothing you get first though. You don’t want too many shirts in one size.) I am kind of sad I didn’t buy these earlier; instead I just bought some last month and Baby was wearing 12M. That means I only have 12M, 18M and 24M left to go.

Baby is eating solids every day but the colorful bodysuits have held up really well in the wash.

carters3I can’t stress it enough, I love color!

With so many shirts, I also love not having to do the wash every other day. A pack of these and a handful pants are really all a baby needs for each size. And you can reuse them without those yucky spit-up stains showing.

Lesson learned.

Remember, stack a 50% off sale, a coupon code, and free shipping promotion.


Comforts for Baby Product Line Review

I am a BzzAgent and was recently invited to try out the Comforts for Baby line available at Kroger stores (Ralphs, Kroger, etc). So far, I’ve been able to test out the diapers and wipes. The diapers I tried (Size 3) are pretty much similar to other generic diapers, Parents Choice (Walmart) and Up & Up (Target). They are a tad stiff.

The wipes I tried are fragrance free and are the “Compare to Pampers” type. I think they really are unscented. I feel they are similar in touch (very soft) to the Up & Up wipes–both are really thin! So they work but they’re not great. I’m using them right now at the high chair after feeding to clean up Baby’s hands and face rather than poop-catching.

I do, however, like their wipes case. The wipes come in a green case and it is super easy to dispense wipes from the container. I may just get more wipes just for the containers themselves. They are the best container of all the wipes I’ve tried before.

I am also planning to try the “Compare to Huggies” wipes to see if I like those better. More to come!

Baby Wipes



Here are the baby wipe brands I’ve tried with general characteristics of each:

  1. Pampers Sensitive (fragrance free) – very moist, thick, soft; these are very slick wipes
  2. Amazon Elements (sensitive) – moist, thinner than Pampers Sensitive, soft
  3. Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes (unscented)- moist, thick, soft, strange odor; I recommend getting a different dispenser since the plastic packages aren’t easy to use
  4. Huggies Natural Care (fragrance free) – not as moist, thick, stiff,
  5. Pampers Softcare (Baby Fresh) – moist, thinner than Pampers Sensitive, soft
  6. Babyganics Face, Hand and Baby wipes – very moist, thin and soft similar to Pampers Softcare; these are kind of too slick for my liking. I feel like I need to use four wipes to clean up a dirty diaper.1
  7. Huggies One and Done (unscented) – not as moist, thick, stiff,
  8. Huggies One and Done (Refreshing) – not as moist, thick, stiff,
  9. up & up Target generic (unscented) – moist, thinner than Pampers Softcare, soft (not my favorite and SimpleGuy agrees with me, but highly reviewed on!)
  10. Comforts for Baby Kroger generic (unscented, compare to pampers) – not as moist, thinner than Up & Up, soft
  11. Parents’ Choice Wal-Mart generic (unscented) – similar to Huggies, not as moist, thick, stiff, strange odor

I found most parents are in one of two camps: either they prefer thick wipes or thin ones.

If you like thin, soft wipes, you will love Pampers, Amazon Elements, up & up (generic at Target), Babyganics or Comforts (generic at Kroger).

If you like thick wipes, Costco or Huggies are your brands.

Try out samples to find your favorite!

We’ve used a lot of Huggies Natural Care because of samples, gifts and sales-with-coupons. Huggies Natural cling better and remove poo better so you end up using less wipes. I think they are a great option especially for Costco members as an alternative to Kirkland Signature wipes (just buy what’s on sale!).

We use Costco Kirkland Signature wipes all the time because Costco wipes are both thick and soft but only when they make an appearance in the Costco coupon bookle, otherwise we buy whatever is on sale,  Costco also has Huggies Natural. I think Kirkland Signature is my most preferred brand because they are the longest wipes; they really get the job done.

I switched to Pampers Sensitive via Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program for a while when Costco wipes were not on sale in 2013-14. Pampers Sensitive are what we used in the hospital and for the first two months of Baby’s life. I think they are an excellent wipe, just thinner and really wet.

After many months of using Pampers Sensitive, Amazon’s S&S price was no longer competitive, so we switched to Amazon Elements at the end of 2014 and that is what I currently use because they are better priced than Pampers Sensitive. I’d use Pampers Sensitive over Elements if they went on sale. Please read my full review.

Note: Even “unscented” wipes have a smell. They usually have aloe in them; they just do not have added fragrance which can aggravate baby skin. Try them all out and see which one works for your baby.

Baby Ahead – Make Ahead Meals

Preparing some food in advance for those first few weeks post-delivery will help you focus on bonding with your baby and not slaving over a hot stove. Search online for make ahead meals; you can come up with your own menu, based on what you normally eat. Remember, frozen meals do get freezer burn if left in the freezer too long, so don’t prepare too early!

If you are breastfeeding you need extra calories. Make food that has a balance of protein, good fat and calcium.

  • Make casseroles and freeze them- they combine a variety of ingredients for a well-balanced meal and they freeze well. Tin trays are a good option so you don’t have to use your regular baking dishes, as you may need those)
  • Make a list of crockpot meals you can whip together – crock-pots are a mom’s best friend
  • Make a little extra of what you eat (a month before baby comes) and freeze the rest – make two lasagnas and freeze one; make a larger roast than what you normally would, etc.

Don’t get overwhelmed and don’t take on too much at a time. The third trimester is taxing on your body.

Start with just one or two meals towards the end of your last trimester and gradually build your freezer meals each week.

Here’s a few of my favorite casseroles:

Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas

Scooter’s Spaghetti Casserole with French Fried Onions  – super rich, try using 1/3 less fat Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Crock Pot Dishes:

Crock Pot Mac and Cheese

Beef Roast with Lipton Onion Soup Mix

Slow Cooker Tamale Pie (kind of like chili with a cornbread layer)

Baby Ahead – Enlist Help

Get some people to help you out after you come home from the hospital. These can be friends, church friends, neighbors, relatives—people you trust.

Find people who really help and are not just going to be hanging around your house, cuddling the baby. You are not supposed to play hostess. You need real help. You are healing from childbirth or surgery. You are nurturing your little one all day and all night. Ask for help!

After you have your list of people, make a list of things they can do to help you so when they ask you, you will know what to say.

Here’s an example:

Chinese stir fry is a great healthy option but it takes a lot of prep work. Ask Dad to cut up vegetables and raw meat into chunks in the morning before work and put it in the fridge (of course, in separate containers). Ask Aunt to pick up some groceries for you (of course, give her cash). Ask Grandma to watch the baby while you shower and take a power nap. Before dinner, ask your girlfriend to help you with a load of laundry and start your rice cooker so you will have rice. When it’s dinnertime, you already have the ingredients, cut up meat and vegetables ready to saute, and cooked rice ready to go.

A lot of recipes claim to be 20-minute meals but they often hide the fact that there is just as much time in prep work. If your help can do any of the prep work ahead of time, that will save you a lot of hassle. Plus you will feel like one of those pro-chefs on the Food Network, throwing ingredients together instantaneously like magic!

Maybe stir fry is still too much for you to handle? Ask Dad to get takeout on his way home from work.  On another night, order pizza to be delivered. Get creative. And always thank people who help!

Remember that people will swarm to help you those first few weeks. But you may not be ready to do everything yet. So space out help! (Save those freezer meals for when everyone has visited and left.)

Baby Ahead – Stockpile Food

Newborns are a full-time job around the clock. So help yourself out by stockpiling some food so you will always have basic ingredients to make quick meals:

Ideas for the Freezer:

  • Frozen meals: frozen lasagna (Stouffer’s or homemade if you are ambitious), Spinach and Cheese Raviolis, Potstickers,
  • Meat: get all kinds of meat, fish and poultry when it’s on sale
  • Frozen vegetables and fruits
  • Herbs, produce, butter and a lot of other things can be frozen if prepared correctly

Ideas for the Pantry:

  • Canned tomatoes, black beans, corn and green chiles (you can make a chicken tortilla soup)
  • Chicken broth, beef broth and Lipton onion soup mix (you can make a roast using a crock pot)
  • Pasta, rice, and other grains
  • Healthy snacks (needed especially if you are breastfeeding) – peanut butter, granola bars, almonds, trail mix, dried fruit

Here are some of my favorite sugary-yet-sort-of-healthy-snacks from my new-mom days:

Wild Roots Coastal Berry Blend trail mix (available at Costco)

coastalberryPhilippine Dried Mangoes

driedmangoesNature Valley Protein Granola (oats ‘n dark chocolate)