Baby Ahead – Enlist Help

Get some people to help you out after you come home from the hospital. These can be friends, church friends, neighbors, relatives—people you trust.

Find people who really help and are not just going to be hanging around your house, cuddling the baby. You are not supposed to play hostess. You need real help. You are healing from childbirth or surgery. You are nurturing your little one all day and all night. Ask for help!

After you have your list of people, make a list of things they can do to help you so when they ask you, you will know what to say.

Here’s an example:

Chinese stir fry is a great healthy option but it takes a lot of prep work. Ask Dad to cut up vegetables and raw meat into chunks in the morning before work and put it in the fridge (of course, in separate containers). Ask Aunt to pick up some groceries for you (of course, give her cash). Ask Grandma to watch the baby while you shower and take a power nap. Before dinner, ask your girlfriend to help you with a load of laundry and start your rice cooker so you will have rice. When it’s dinnertime, you already have the ingredients, cut up meat and vegetables ready to saute, and cooked rice ready to go.

A lot of recipes claim to be 20-minute meals but they often hide the fact that there is just as much time in prep work. If your help can do any of the prep work ahead of time, that will save you a lot of hassle. Plus you will feel like one of those pro-chefs on the Food Network, throwing ingredients together instantaneously like magic!

Maybe stir fry is still too much for you to handle? Ask Dad to get takeout on his way home from work.  On another night, order pizza to be delivered. Get creative. And always thank people who help!

Remember that people will swarm to help you those first few weeks. But you may not be ready to do everything yet. So space out help! (Save those freezer meals for when everyone has visited and left.)


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