Baby Wipes



Here are the baby wipe brands I’ve tried with general characteristics of each:

  1. Pampers Sensitive (fragrance free) – very moist, thick, soft; these are very slick wipes
  2. Amazon Elements (sensitive) – moist, thinner than Pampers Sensitive, soft
  3. Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes (unscented)- moist, thick, soft, strange odor; I recommend getting a different dispenser since the plastic packages aren’t easy to use
  4. Huggies Natural Care (fragrance free) – not as moist, thick, stiff,
  5. Pampers Softcare (Baby Fresh) – moist, thinner than Pampers Sensitive, soft
  6. Babyganics Face, Hand and Baby wipes – very moist, thin and soft similar to Pampers Softcare; these are kind of too slick for my liking. I feel like I need to use four wipes to clean up a dirty diaper.1
  7. Huggies One and Done (unscented) – not as moist, thick, stiff,
  8. Huggies One and Done (Refreshing) – not as moist, thick, stiff,
  9. up & up Target generic (unscented) – moist, thinner than Pampers Softcare, soft (not my favorite and SimpleGuy agrees with me, but highly reviewed on!)
  10. Comforts for Baby Kroger generic (unscented, compare to pampers) – not as moist, thinner than Up & Up, soft
  11. Parents’ Choice Wal-Mart generic (unscented) – similar to Huggies, not as moist, thick, stiff, strange odor

I found most parents are in one of two camps: either they prefer thick wipes or thin ones.

If you like thin, soft wipes, you will love Pampers, Amazon Elements, up & up (generic at Target), Babyganics or Comforts (generic at Kroger).

If you like thick wipes, Costco or Huggies are your brands.

Try out samples to find your favorite!

We’ve used a lot of Huggies Natural Care because of samples, gifts and sales-with-coupons. Huggies Natural cling better and remove poo better so you end up using less wipes. I think they are a great option especially for Costco members as an alternative to Kirkland Signature wipes (just buy what’s on sale!).

We use Costco Kirkland Signature wipes all the time because Costco wipes are both thick and soft but only when they make an appearance in the Costco coupon bookle, otherwise we buy whatever is on sale,  Costco also has Huggies Natural. I think Kirkland Signature is my most preferred brand because they are the longest wipes; they really get the job done.

I switched to Pampers Sensitive via Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program for a while when Costco wipes were not on sale in 2013-14. Pampers Sensitive are what we used in the hospital and for the first two months of Baby’s life. I think they are an excellent wipe, just thinner and really wet.

After many months of using Pampers Sensitive, Amazon’s S&S price was no longer competitive, so we switched to Amazon Elements at the end of 2014 and that is what I currently use because they are better priced than Pampers Sensitive. I’d use Pampers Sensitive over Elements if they went on sale. Please read my full review.

Note: Even “unscented” wipes have a smell. They usually have aloe in them; they just do not have added fragrance which can aggravate baby skin. Try them all out and see which one works for your baby.


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