Comforts for Baby Product Line Review

I am a BzzAgent and was recently invited to try out the Comforts for Baby line available at Kroger stores (Ralphs, Kroger, etc). So far, I’ve been able to test out the diapers and wipes. The diapers I tried (Size 3) are pretty much similar to other generic diapers, Parents Choice (Walmart) and Up & Up (Target). They are a tad stiff.

The wipes I tried are fragrance free and are the “Compare to Pampers” type. I think they really are unscented. I feel they are similar in touch (very soft) to the Up & Up wipes–both are really thin! So they work but they’re not great. I’m using them right now at the high chair after feeding to clean up Baby’s hands and face rather than poop-catching.

I do, however, like their wipes case. The wipes come in a green case and it is super easy to dispense wipes from the container. I may just get more wipes just for the containers themselves. They are the best container of all the wipes I’ve tried before.

I am also planning to try the “Compare to Huggies” wipes to see if I like those better. More to come!


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