Baby Clothes – Buy Color

We just got clear storage bins and so I’ve been organizing Baby’s clothing that he’s outgrown, sadly, to be put away until our next baby. I can’t believe he’s grown up so fast.

To my dismay,  the white Just One You (Carter’s) bodysuits from Target had these awful yellow stains on the shoulders, probably from newborn spit up.  I don’t know if we had horrible lighting in our apartment when Baby was born but I did not notice them before.

This was even back during the time I was a brand-new mom and took a lot of care to wash and spray stains out of shirts right after changing Baby.

I will probably use the stained white bodysuits with my next baby just because I don’t want to keep buying new baby clothes with each new addition to our family and newborn babies go through a lot of clothes every day.

But please learn from my mistake.  Buy color.  My colored baby clothing probably has stains but is a lot less noticeable. This way you do not have to use bleach on your baby’s clothing. Please do yourself a favor and get some color, preferably darker colors but pastels are better than white.

I promise I don’t work for Carter’s, I just love their clothing a lot and I truly believe in buying quality so you don’t have to waste money on inferior products (only to run to the store to buy what you should have bought in the first place). If I could have a redo, I would have gone straight to buying the Carter’s 7-pack of short-sleeve bodysuits because they have such great bright colors. (Please do take into consideration what gifted clothing you get first though. You don’t want too many shirts in one size.) I am kind of sad I didn’t buy these earlier; instead I just bought some last month and Baby was wearing 12M. That means I only have 12M, 18M and 24M left to go.

Baby is eating solids every day but the colorful bodysuits have held up really well in the wash.

carters3I can’t stress it enough, I love color!

With so many shirts, I also love not having to do the wash every other day. A pack of these and a handful pants are really all a baby needs for each size. And you can reuse them without those yucky spit-up stains showing.

Lesson learned.

Remember, stack a 50% off sale, a coupon code, and free shipping promotion.


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