How I Pack My Diaper Bag

You will need:

  • a diaper bag (bag shown is Petunia Picklebottom Boxy Backpack)
  • nursing cover (Bebe au Lait but Milk Snob is better)
  • swaddle blanket (aden + anais – love how thin it is!)
  • burp cloth (homemade)
  • wet bag (Itzy Ritzy)
  • a change of clothes
  • hand sanitizer and facial tissues
  • nursing pads (Lansinoh disposable)
  • wipes and diapers
  • mom stuff: snack, wallet, water bottle, pen, cell, notepad, etc.
  • diaper sacks (optional)
  • small toys (optional) DSC_0535

I use the Petunia Picklebottom Boxy Backpack (review here). I have never used any other bag so I cannot compare. But I do know a lot of reviews say that one of the issues they have with the bag is that it is too deep and hard to access anything at the bottom.

To deal with this issue, I’ve packed the bag with the items I used most on top.

First, at the bottom, the wet bag and a change of clothes. I like to select a piece of clothing that is one piece so I don’t have to deal with multiple articles of clothing floating around:


Next, I place a blanket, a nursing cover and burp cloth. Baby hates to use the nursing cover but I insist on it in in most public places (like on an airplane or at a restaurant)

DSC_0547DSC_0548Those are the three items from the big compartment that I used often when Baby was young and nursing frequently.

Next, the diapers and wipes go in the front with a mini bottle of hand sanitizer.  I also keep an extra set of nursing pads here. It’s also a good idea to bring a small sack or diaper sack (Sassy Baby brand or small plastic bag from the store) on long trips or visits to friends’ houses.

DSC_0542The side pockets have snacks. The Boxy Backpack also has a “mom” pocket where I stash my phone, notepad and chapstick.


There you have it! Sometimes on longer outings, I add a few small toys from our Skip Hop activity mat or O-Ball. But usually Baby takes one toy out with him in his car seat. Before eating solids, those things are really all a young breastfed baby needs.



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