Baby Registry Tips

Here are some of the major retailers with baby registries:

Amazon is a great option for out-of-state family and friends and avid internet shoppers; a lot of people used ours. They have an excellent return policy for most baby products, but you are limited to what you can buy on Amazon. Generally, Amazon baby clothes are very pricey, so avoid those.

Target stores are widely available. Their baby clothes are very affordable but it is kind of difficult to keep track of designs you want because they rotate their stock frequently. Try registering for clothing at the last minute, making it easier to order online or in store. Target will take products off their website when they are on clearance or low stock, so older styles are hard to find! Target’s return policy limits the amount of merchandise you can return without a receipt, and most people do not send gift receipts like they should. One very nice cashier at our Target gave me a great tip that I hope is true at other Targets:

  • when you go to Target to return items without a receipt, you can only get store credit (a gift card) for the item’s recent sale price, but when you print out your registry list (at the registry kiosk),  ask them to scan your registry barcode when you return items, and you can get a gift card for the full price of the item.
  • Example, you return a pack of onesies that is regularly $9.99 but went on sale for $8 last week. With your registry list (print it out first) you will get $9.99 store credit; without it you’ll only get $8 store credit.

Again, I don’t know if this is true or not for other Targets. Please use the policy honestly so Target can keep this policy going for other moms.

Note: You will have to show an ID for returns without receipts.

Babies R Us (BRU) stores are widely available also but their products are expensive – look for a coupon in baby magazines (usually free ones at the doctor’s office, sometimes come with samples) that gives you a gift card for registering, they also give you a sample bag.

Buy Buy Baby (BBB) may or may not be available depending on where you live. I have started to really like their large selection of items and I prefer them over BRU–it might be that I find the layout familiar because of all my Bed Bath and Beyond shopping experience. It’s almost like going to a brick-and-mortar Amazon with a lot of selection, with some of my favorite brands like OXO Tot, Béaba and Petunia Pickle Bottom. Like Bed Bath and Beyond, they do send out coupons (though many of my favorite brands are part of the exceptions list–darn!). I registered just to get the sample bag and it was better than the one at BRU. Love those samples and coupons!

I highly recommend going to a BBB location to test out strollers and car seats. They have tons of them! Our location even let me try out the carseat in our car, just to make sure it fit. Very cool!

Moneysaver Tip: Most registry sites have a completion discount, around 10%. You may want to register on a particular site, just to get that code.


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