Amazon Mom Trial Review

I recently tried the three month trial of Amazon Mom. Here are my musings:

  • You should definitely use the three-month trial and after it’s over, get dad to sign up with his account. This allows you six months of free trial (one trial per account) to see if you really like the program.
  • I recommend starting the trial when you first have a baby and when your gifted diapers/wipes are about to run out. Another option: because it’s hard to gauge how many of size N-2 diapers you actually will need, you could also wait until Baby starts wearing size 3 diapers as you will need a lot of those. The bulk boxes are huge so make sure you get the right size and brand. Continue using the diaper brand you received at the hospital or first try out jumbo packs of different brands before placing your orders on Amazon.
  • Understand how the Subscribe and Save program works first. Orders are sent every month; you can change the dates of delivery but they will happen each calendar month. They are not immediately sent out like regular Amazon orders. You really need to plan; know how much of each product you need.

Using my trial, I ordered boxes and boxes of Pampers Sensitive Wipes, Method hand soap, Finish dish washing tabs, and a whole lot of other household items. Because I placed orders with 5 items, I got to save 20% on my orders. I ordered a bunch of other things off Amazon and saw the perks of 2-day shipping.

But my items were not necessarily cheaper than what I buy at Wal-Mart, Target and Costco, BUT they did save me time and energy going out the store.

Will I be signing up? Not right now.

But maybe for my next baby.