Enjoy the Ride

The Huggies brand rewards program is called, “Enjoy the Ride.” I didn’t get that saying when I first saw it. What does a ride have to do with babies?

Now, almost twelve months later, I get it.

Enjoy the ride. Having a baby is a big change in schedule and lifestyle, especially staying at home with your baby after years of work and an independent life. You are busy, yet completely bored. You are playing with the baby one minute and soothing the teary baby the next.

Remember, just because the speed limit on a Los Angeles freeway is 65 mph, does not mean you will always go 65 mph. You can only go 20 mph in a traffic jam (which is pretty much all the time in some areas of L.A). Having a baby is like constantly getting in and out of traffic jams. One day will be absolute heaven; the next day, a day of torment.

The first few months are the most jolting. I felt helpless and completely inexperienced in baby care. I had months and months of survival mode…just trying to get by.  Most moms I talked to said they felt “real” again when their babies were 3 months old. That’s a pretty good time frame for most women but remember that some moms adjust really quickly and others take longer. Try not to compare yourself and your baby to other moms and their babies.

It’s a real journey having a baby. Just when you start to feel confident in your newborn skills, your baby starts rolling/crawling/teething/getting super cranky at night. The learning and the adjusting continues every month, week, day, and hour. You constantly return back to survival mode. So enjoy the ride.

My tips for sanity:

  1. Take a shower, get dressed and do basic makeup every day. (Get out of your pjs, even if you have to wait until 2pm to do it.) It really lifts your spirits to look nice, even if you are at home. Of course, don’t get bogged down on days where you cannot escape your frazzled bedtime look–they are bound to come!
  2. Wear cute loungewear at home so that you feel cute and comfortable even when completely exhausted. Get some comfy tees, jeans/pants that you feel happy in.
  3. Connect with other moms. It helps a lot!

Baby is turning one soon so I will be talking about my favorite products for older babies (6 mo+)!

  • Diapers like Cruisers, Little Movers, Baby Dry and Snug and Dry
  • Our favorite feeding spoons
  • Observations/comparisons of organic baby food pouches
  • and more to come!

Suggestions are welcome–post a comment.


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