Baby Diaper Brands Part Two

UPDATE 2017: If you are new on the scene for diapering toddlers (perhaps after a long break between kids) re-think everything you thought you knew about diaper brands.

Pampers USED to be my favorite brand but now Huggies have victoriously defeated them in a swift move called “double grip strips.” These purple super-velcro make it so that diapers stay on and never slip. Pampers’ straps used to dig into my baby’s leg, hip orĀ  crotch area when the diaper became full or really heavy.

Huggies has solved the problem forever with Huggies Little Movers Plus+, available at Costco. The club membership is worth it, especially for me, diapering twins. Yes, they are VASTLY different than regular Huggies. They are softer and more plush, so please do yourself a favor and skip regular Huggies Little Movers and go for +Plus

Kirkland Signature (Costco brand) also has the double grip strip, so they are equally good. Whatever diaper brand (Huggies or KS) has a coupon, I buy as many boxes as I can (fit in my car or store in my house) and I’m good to go; no coupon clipping involved.

Until other brands develop the grip strip, they will not be comparable in my book.

Yes, I will still use Pampers Cruisers or Baby Dry, but I much prefer Huggies now, and I am telling you this as a mom who used to be an avid fan of Pampers from 2013-16 (I have, like 8000 points accumulated from promo codes and diapering one kid from years 0-3.5). Even my hospital Baylor Frisco where I delivered my twins, switched from Pampers in 2013 to Huggies in 2016. Yes, it’s probably due to expiring and new contracts, but it really showed the signs of the times.

Huggies is the new king.

P.S. Do not use Luv diapers if your babies are prone to skin problems. It is a waste of money. We were gifted some because they didn’t work for my mom friend, she didn’t want them to go to waste. I tried for several days with Twin Baby B. They were a literal pain in the butt to use and went into the garbage.

If you are looking for suggestions for Newborn diapers (sizes N-2), check out Part One.