Fisher Price SpaceSaver Deluxe High Chair Review

UPDATE APRIL 2015: Buy Buy Baby carries a new design of the deluxe for $69.99 MSRP. It looks like it is one of their exclusive products. The chair still appears on the Fisher Price website, so it looks like they will continue to make this model.  For those of you not near a Buy Buy Baby location, you may want to still try the Graco Swivi via Amazon.

UPDATE JAN 2015: The Deluxe version of the SpaceSaver is very difficult to find now. The last retailer I saw carry the seat was Buy Buy Baby, on clearance at the end of 2014. Try the Graco Swivi Seat 3-in-1 Booster Seat. It is $69.99 MSRP but it has a lot of great features that the SpaceSaver has and more. I haven’t tried the seat personally but it has excellent reviews on Amazon.

There is no doubt, our baby loves to eat so he has spent a lot of time in his booster high chair seat. We have tried or used these Fisher Price models (from best to worst):

  1. SpaceSaver Deluxe High Chair (Buy Buy Baby)
  2. SpaceSaver High Chair
  3. Healthy Care Deluxe Booster
  4. Healthy Care Booster Seat

23484440627830pWe definitely wanted a booster-style chair in our house. Our kitchen is tight and we like being able to use the booster on the folding chairs we’ve had since SG’s poor-student years. The SpaceSaver is a much better seat than the Healthy Care Booster. Though the Healthy Care Booster is lighter, smaller and less expensive, it is also the chair your baby will grow out of faster. If you are on a very tight budget, the Healthy Care Deluxe is a great option (red/beige and other color options are available). Skip the non-deluxe version–it’s way too small. At seven month, Baby’s fatty thighs were squished in the chair so I knew I needed to return it for a bigger chair. P0278_d_1 If you can spend a bit more and you want to get your money’s worth, I’d suggest paying the extra money to get the SpaceSaver—the regular seat is about $60, the deluxe is about $70 (check BuyBuyBaby, the deluxe was on Amazon at the time of publishing this post but for more than MSRP. Boo!). Why SpaceSaver beats Healthy Care:

  • the SpaceSaver is deeper and has a more supportive, higher back (extremely helpful for babies with big heads)
  • the SpaceSaver has a removable cloth covering making it more comfortable; covering is also machine washable
  • the dishwasher-safe tray is wider (but it also can’t fit in the dishwasher–this is the one negative about this chair) than Healthy Care’s tray, Healthy Care’s tray can fit entirely in a dishwasher

I personally like the SpaceSaver Deluxe because its straps are made out of a wipeable material. It is the strap area, closest to your baby’s mouth, that gets a lot of contact from the mess on his face. I have really liked that feature and I think it’s worth the extra money.

The non-deluxe model has been redesigned in 2014 and is still widely available, however, I don’t like it as much as the deluxe. It’s still an adequate chair with a good price tag, but there are some drawbacks: You lose one of the cupholders in place of a ring/handle. Its tray seems smaller than the original. The base is also different; the seat has an adjuster now but the entire seat just feels flimsy and not sturdy. My mom bought one of these chairs from Amazon Warehouse at a good price, but it’s best as a chair at grandma’s with occasional use; I wouldn’t trade it for my SpaceSaver Deluxe. The non-deluxe has a lot of cute patterns; the deluxe only comes in one or two patterns (kind of lame) but you might be able to buy a different design (cover only) as a backup to the original. We have just used the one cover (pear design below) and machine-wash it at night, hang it to dry and in the morning, it’s ready for more mess!

The SpaceSaver Deluxe also has a tray insert the non-deluxe does not have, which Baby has recently learned to lift up (annoying) but it was a really nice feature when he was younger, allowing me to have two feeding surfaces if I needed. X7330-spacesaver-high-chair-d-1This is a great chair I recommend to all new moms but it is hard to find and therefore getting more expensive to buy online. UPDATE: Baby has used this chair for 15 26 months! It’s still going strong.