Buggy Bagg Review

I love this product so much.

Introducing the Buggy Bagg Elite.


You can read its full description here.

When out and about, Baby spent most of the first six months in his infant car seat connected to the stroller (We use Britax B-agile and B-safe, review to come). I never wanted to get him out of the car seat so I kept him in there.

Now as we prepare to use a convertible car seat, I thought of getting a grocery cart seat cover, as I wanted to make shopping fun for him and at the same time, cleaner for both of us. So being the crazy girl that I am, I went to Amazon to read reviews to find the best one. There are many products out there, and I’ve only used the Buggy Bagg, but I’m telling you, this is the product to get.

No, it’s not necessary.

Yes, it’s kind of expensive.

But you and I both know how gross grocery carts can get.

Just imagine that grossness on baby’s hands, that go straight into her mouth. Yucky!

I’ve used it on all sorts of grocery carts; it’s especially great for large carts like Costco and Target, it can get tight on smaller carts though.  We’ve been using it without the small pillow, but it would add extra comfort for a smaller/younger baby.

You can buy it off Amazon or Blueberry diapers. I went to Blueberry Diapers’ site. I signed up for their emails, did a survey for them and got a 25% off code for my Buggy Bagg, for about $79. If they do not give you that survey, you will still get a code for $10 off $75 or something similar, making it cheaper than Amazon. Or you can wait for a good price on Amazon, lowest price I’ve seen is $82.


  • It is so easy to use. You basically place the cover into the cart, pull the elastic side around the cart handle, and fold over the pockets on the other side. Then place baby into the cart and snap the strap around him/her, fix a little velcro closure (near baby’s legs) and strap the seat to the cart. Super simple.
  • It is incredibly comfy. Baby loves it.
  • It comes in a lot of cute designs. I got the Round About design as it’s most gender neutral.


  • It is kind of bulky and very plush, so it can get hot in the summer; you have to keep it in the car or trunk and it does take up space.
  • Yes, the price tag is steep but this is a great product so I feel I got my money’s worth.

Baby Food Pouches

Baby food pouches are convenient to use on-the-go. And they provide more variety for your baby’s diet than just eating jars of baby food or mashed sweet potatoes. Most pouches (but not all) use organic ingredients which is an added bonus:


The Happy Baby line from Happy Family is my favorite. There is a good variety from 1st stage to toddler and snacks for older kids. I have seen a lot of promotions for this brand: I just saw a recent local sale at BuyBuyBaby ($10 for 10, must buy 10), coupons are available via Facebook and deals appear on Target Cartwheel or Target Baby mobile coupons often. Prices range from $1.39  and up depending on the stage of food.


Plum Organics has a wide line of products too. Coupons are uncommon but sometimes you will see this brand on sale at Target but generally they are $1.49 each and up. They have recently added some Stage 2 pouches called “world baby” that have unique ethnic flavors. The best deal I found for Plum Organics is at Kroger. They had printed Catalina coupons when combined with a Buy 6 Save $X, each pouch came out to about $0.75 wyb 6.

sproutsSprouts has a lot of variety but not as much as Happy Baby; their prices are comparable. I have really liked the 3rd stage foods because I was initially not impressed with the 2nd stage: most pouches from the 2nd stage and some of the toddler purees are really runny or watery compared to other brands we tried. Some Wal-Mart locations have some selection of the Sprout brand. I have seen and used coupons via coupons.com ($1 off three). I like that their Stage 3 has a lot of veggie and meat only to give Baby a taste/liking for veggies; most pouches rely on fruits to mask the taste of vegetables. Price is about $1.59 and up. gerber

Gerber Organic is widely available at Wal-Mart and Target and is relatively affordable (about $1.37) but currently I’ve only seen and tried 2nd stage pouches but there is a good variety to choose from. When Baby first started 2nd stage foods, we had a lot of Gerber Organic in our pantry. Some coupons are available via coupons.com and Target Baby mobile coupons.

earthsbestEarth’s Best has some variety but can be difficult to find; there are only 7 to choose from at our local Wal-Mart; stores carry more jars than pouches, but we only tried pouches for this post. Prices are average; if you buy a pack of 12 from Target.com that’s the best scenario without coupons (about $1.29 each). Baby seemed to really enjoy all of the four pouches we were able to try from Target. We used a Target mobile coupon when we bought them, but I haven’t seen a manufacturer’s coupon for this brand yet.

ellaskitchenElla’s Best can be difficult to find and is generally much more pricey ($2 average) than the others listed; many mass retailers only stock one or two kinds of pouches of each stage. We tried the chick-chick Chicken with vegetables and rice (Stage 2) and Baby loved it. I love that these pouches are a little bigger than other brands but at the same time, this means sometimes if given as a snack (as opposed to a meal) Baby doesn’t finish a whole one when we’re out and the rest is thrown away. Stage 2 has 4.5 ounces, Stage 3 has 6.7 ounces.

Moneysaver Tip: If you plan to use pouches of baby food often, shop sales and use newspaper coupons, coupons.com, and sign up for mobile coupons. Try to pay less than a dollar per pouch. Pay less for 1st stage foods than 2nd or 3rd stage foods.