Updated Posts

Just a quick note to say that I’ve recently updated some of the old posts with new info:

Pampers Sensitive wipes have been replaced in our household with Amazon Elements, Kirkland Signature and Huggies Naturals. (Whatever is on sale.) Pampers brand is just too expensive to buy, in my experience. If I’m traveling, I might still buy Pampers wipes, but the other brands do just as well.

Huggies Little Movers Plus or Kirkland Signature are the best diaper for toddlers.

What booster style high chair seat might replace the Fisher Price SpaceSaver Deluxe that is being discontinued?

Old Navy joins my list of best baby clothing brands.

I added some toddler titles to the list of board books. This list is a work in progress.

Last but not least, the most-awesome-post-on-the-site, about baby clothes (0-24M) is updated so that all the info is on one post rather than three. (For clothing especially for newborns, check out this post.)

Hope this makes for smoother sailing on the blog.


If you’re just joining us, read the intro post and 1st year anniversary post to get some quick links.


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