Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Here’s some ideas for gifts for that new mom in your life. If you’ve been following the blog, this list will come as no surprise to you (and don’t mind me using some old photos, call it lazy, resourceful, whatevs) so let’s just say it’s a list of my favorite things that I’d gladly give to any new mom or receive myself:


  • Aden + Anais muslin swaddles from Amazon
    •  This is a pricey gift but will be loved by your new mom and her little one, especially if they live in a temperate climate like California, Texas, Florida, Nevada or Hawaii. It’s the perfect blankie for a baby in the summertime. It’s breathable and swaddles like no other! It’s worth it. 
    • If you’re shopping for a summer baby or warm climate family, try the bamboo rayon style, they are super lightweight and so soft. My twins love theirs. 
    • There are other brands of muslin swaddles out there so check out Carters, TJ Maxx and other stores too but I cannot vouch for the quality of any other brands. There are plenty of brands and designs out there. My suggestion is to go for the largest ones out there: 47″ Aden + Anais ones!


  • Pampers Swaddlers
    • Pampers is a great go-to brand if your new mom is using disposable diapers. At my shower, I received no other brand; only PAMPERS. It’s a great brand for most babies. Babies will go through tons of diapers, so this is a great gift for either new mom or experienced mom! My suggestion is to gift SIZE 1 diapers because they will be used soonest and have the most per pack but include a gift receipt so Mom can exchange for a bigger size if she gets too many.


  • Baby Wipes (any brand, but go for unscented)
    • Though your expecting mom may develop preferences for wipes, they all generally work the same, so the brand does not matter here, so if you use coupons and see a great deal on Huggies, go for it! Baby wipes will be used up somehow, somewhere, some way. Guaranteed. This is another great gift for any new or experienced mom. Check out the general characteristics of brands I’ve tried here.


  • Target Gift Cards
    • Every woman loves Target. (I think. I haven’t met one yet who does not!) This is a great place for maternity/nursing clothing, baby clothing, diapers, dollar spot…even chocolate. This gift will be appreciated by your new mom when she has a last minute grocery trip or a need for retail therapy. Even though I think cash is king (I love my Chinese relatives who send red envelopes!) but this is a great alternative to those of you crazies who think gifting cash is tacky.


  • Infantino, Skip Hop, Lamaze, and B. Toys (all available at and
    • These are super cute baby toys and are mostly gender neutral. I like how durable they are. I have purchased most of mine from Target but they are available on Amazon and, but may cost more.



  • Baby Clothing 6M+ , 12M+ is better
    • Generally I suggest avoid buying baby clothing, but if you can’t resist, the larger sizes are better. Unless your new mom has absolutely no layette prepared, do not buy 0-3 and 3-6M sized clothing. They will only be used for a couple of months so the value isn’t as high. If you do choose to buy smaller sized clothing and your new mom is open to gently used clothing, shop thrift stores and the clearance rack. The best time to buy is January and February.
    • I like buying 6-12M and 12M+ clothing for a new mom. No matter the size you choose, remember to get seasonally appropriate clothing: don’t buy coats, jackets or swimwear for the baby if you are buying much bigger sizes as you cannot predict baby’s growth.
    • Stick to basic items like dresses, tees or bodysuits, and sleepers. Clothing sizes are just guidelines, but they work for most healthy babies; use the size ranges to help you determine what the baby might need. For example, if you want to buy 12M clothing, consider what the baby will be wearing on her first birthday. If born in the winter, consider buying some sweaters or light jackets or pants or leggings. If born in the summer, consider some shorts, sundresses, and cute tees or rompers.
    • My suggestion is to buy Carters brand clothing because they last and are worn the longest of all clothing brands I’ve tried. Other recommendations are Gymboree, OshKosh, and Baby Gap but they are more expensive. Don’t forget to give a gift receipt so mom can do exchanges later if needed.



  • Board books
    • Any board book will be a fun addition to your new mom’s library. Consider buying those that are durable and have some touch and feel aspect to it. Board books by Eric Carle and Richard Scarry are my favorite for younger babies (I’m old school!) and they are cheap ($3-5 a book), Matthew Van Fleet is a great choice but might be best saved for baby’s 1st birthday and are a bit pricier ($10 a book). Usborne books make great gifts; My First Word Book is a cute book ($9.99).


Moneysaver Tip: If the new mom is a close relative or friend who doesn’t mind gently used items or new but repackaged items, try Amazon Warehouse deals (buying Aden + Anais swaddles, wipes and even diapers if you’re strapped for time) they will be delivered to your home, they are the discounted items listed as Like New or Very Good under condition (instead of New) and usually will still come in original packaging, just maybe slightly dented or worn (read the description of the condition). Wipes and diapers will (should) come in their plastic wrapping but might be reboxed. If the packaging has cosmetic damage, consider placing the gift in a cute basket, laundry basket or sturdy toy box which Mom could use later for toys or books.