From The Krazy Coupon Lady: 10 Brilliant (and Doable) Ways to Save $1000s on Baby Costs

I agree with everything Joanie and Heather mention in this video, except for the Baby Gear: I think a Boppy (or other nursing pillow) and changing table are indispensable. I like the changing tables that are a dresser (with drawers) with the pad on top so you can use it as a dresser after the changing table feature isn’t needed; changing tables do not have to be purchased new, just functional and in good used condition. I think it is so important to care for your body and be able to change your baby without bending over or straining. I do like using the Kel Gar bathtub as a transitional tub between the infant tub we received from the hospital to using the real tub, but I realize it’s not for everyone.

I’ll have to check out the NoseFrida more before recommending, but I do not recommend a baby carrier at full price; if you can get a heavily discounted one or even borrow one, I suggest doing so. I borrowed an Ergo from my sis-in-law but we ended up not using it because my baby hated carriers from the start and honestly, he would have been way to heavy for me to carry.

The rest of the tips are awesome and ideas that I have been sharing on this blog! I’ve used all three: Amazon, Costco and Target for diaper deals and saved some serious cash!


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