Pottery Barn Kids Crib Bedding Review

I know, I know. You’re thinking, “Oh, she’s one of those snobby moms who dresses her babies in designer clothes and has to have coordinating nursery decor.”

Yeah, I am. Sort of. Not so much for clothing, though I have a soft spot in my heart for Gymboree and Stride Rite.

But crib bedding. It’s one of the things I have decided to splurge on for my son and new arrivals. (Well, luckily for me, my mother-in-law, bought my bedding for child #1, bless her soul!)

It’s kind of like the diaper bag.

It makes such a huge difference to my mood to have a cute bag.

It also has made a huge difference to me to have a cute nursery.

I chose Eric Carle as the theme of my son’s nursery so that it was a gender-neutral option for future babies but I tried to do as minimally as possible, because we lived in a small apartment when he was first born. I didn’t go all out Pinterest-style, with matching rugs, chairs, and wall art. I basically slapped some removable wall stickers on the wall and let the bedding do the rest of the talking. We’re now in a house but the non-master bedrooms are really limited in size, so all-out decorating is kind of out of the picture.

Bedding in my home decor book is huge. Wall art and knick knacks on display are trendy and usually those fads come and go (that’s why DIY wall art is such a great concept.) But you place an embroidered quilt from Pottery Barn in an otherwise empty bedroom, and suddenly the room has a look and personality. Add some blackout curtains (because you have a napping child) and suddenly you’re a designer 🙂

So I emphasize bedding.

I’ve woken up with my baby for 2 1/2 years now (SG does more now that Baby prefers him. Muah haha). Not all of those days have been pretty. Most of those days I’ve been sleep-deprived myself, frustrated from the day before, or just plain grumpy because I’m really not a morning person. At all.

Having Baby’s crib decked out in bright beautiful colors really improves my mood a lot. Not to mention, he (around age 2) realized that the caterpillar was also the same caterpillar in his book and could talk about it. We were both very excited. It’s just always a fun room and feels so inviting. He loves his crib…at least, he’s pretty content to chill there for reasonable amounts of time in the morning.

It’s a happy place to be.


I feel like anything that improves the mood of a mom, first-time or not, is a great thing and is worth having. When Mom feels good, Baby feels good, because truly, babies and young children really do pick up on your mood so well.

Having said that, I realize most people are on budgets. Pottery Barn Kids is not really budget-friendly, but I will provide some tips for getting some great deals:

  • I only shop the sale rack. In fact that’s also where I got my precious diaper bag. I only shop sale items. I like the other stuff too, I like perusing the catalog they keep sending me but I resist buying anything full priced if I can help it. I had grand schemes for my twin nursery coming up, but then I found the Peter Rabbit nursery bedding on sale here in Dallas and online, so I’m going with the more affordable option that is also gender-neutral. It’s not going to be as hip/modern as I was trying to achieve, but it’s still cute and classic. And if I wasn’t such a coordinated-look snob, I could have got other unmatching crib bedding available online for even cheaper, I just like a matchy look too much.


  • I use discounted gift cards when I know I have a purchase coming. My favorite is site is GiftCardBin for Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma cards which can be used interchangeably and I do love W-S.
  • I use codes online to score free shipping or 15% off, whichever I think is better. Free shipping codes are only valid on certain days and random weekends. Check often. Remember only one code is valid per order, so that is why a code and a discounted gift card combined together provide the best savings.
  • Also I’ve found if you go in store and they don’t have what you are looking for, you can ask for them to order it for you. In my last shopping experience at our local store, they even provided me a discount on my order. They are super friendly. Maybe it’s a Texas thing?
  • Search eBay if you have something in mind. A lot of people have some really great items on deep discount there, just be sure you know what you are getting.
  • Focus on the essentials if money is tight. I just love the quality of the bedding that we’ve used. Some of the crib sheets are organic cotton and I think they’re the best around; they look great wash after wash. I totally think they are worth having. I like the PBK crib bumpers (don’t hate me) but some are really too thick and I don’t recommend those ones. Toddler quilts are super cute, but they’re more of a decorative piece. We just don’t use a lot of bedding in our crib and have used a space heater in the winter. Crib skirts are also optional, and can easily be made using regular fabric. If you’re not the seamstress-type, you can also try just look at places like Target for more affordable options.

Graco Pack ‘n’ Play Review

Moneysaver Tip: Get the Graco brand; it’s the easiest to use and built to last. If you plan to use a full-sized crib or eventually transition to one, get the Pack n Play that is the biggest and has the least amount of frills and extras.

Try buying a gently used one instead of new. There are a ton of these out there. Craigslist, yard sales, secondhand kid-stuff stores and consignment sales are good places to start.

We got ours from my aunt as a baby shower gift. It came with a changing table and a net to allow the mattress to function as a “bassinet” or in other words, be on different height levels, so you don’t have to strain your back to place your young infant into the very bottom.


When Baby was first born, I actually used it as a storage area for all his diapers, wipes and burp cloths (Silly me) and we did use the changing table; however, it was only used for a short amount of time, maybe a month because the changing table wasn’t totally flat or sturdy for heavier babies. I never used the “mobile” which was basically a bunch of plush stars that roll on a wheel (lame) though it did have a wind-up music box in it.

I recommend getting the basic model for most babies.


The extra features (specifically the bassinet function, for picking up/putting down the baby to sleep with ease.) are nice and they might even be helpful if you plan to use the Pack ‘n’ Play from the start (with a newborn) and for long-term (military families, temporary home, small apartment, limited space, or older baby is still in his crib etc).

But the most use of the Pack ‘n’ Play will be used at its lowest setting, just like the standard model, for older babies for naps and traveling. The basic model at Wal-Mart or Amazon can be found on sale for about $40-45. The fancy model I have is $110. So do the math.

It is great for travel, mostly road trips, if you do that sort of thing. But honestly I haven’t traveled a lot with mine; hotels will have portable cribs for your use and both of Baby’s grandmothers have one at their house. If you plan to fly, I would recommend borrowing a portable crib instead of packing your own because you have to pay $25 to check the Pack ‘n’ Play in and haul it around with your car seat, stroller and luggage. It does weigh approx. 17 lbs. (Who knew one little person would need so much crap! Traveling with a baby is somehow battling with a huge caravan of baby gear!). You might as well buy a $50 one from the Wal-Mart at your destination and donate it before you leave.

In preparation for our twins due in January, I am really excited to finally get use out of the bassinet function of our old pack n play as we’ll need a second napping area for our two-story house with two babies.

I’ve debated on getting a second one, but since we will eventually need two cribs anyway, I’m holding off on getting a second one. If I did get one, I would get it second-hand if possible, since this is a product that is limited in size and weight limit.